Jul 20, 2012

TDKR Review.

Yes, TDKR is here and the ultima Batman trilogy with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego 'Batman' is stunning and lives up to the hype it has been creating. But there are too many unbelievable shots that will keep your mouth open for sometime. Six minute long preview has lot to say about the movie where a plane is jacked by another plane from a group of mercenaries and there u get introduced to a mumbling but furious character having a metal respiratory mask in his face ..it's outrageous 'Bane' who is believed to be a child that is "forced by suffer and hardened with pain". And Batman is not shown mighty enough to stop Bane and his underground army to capture the Gotham city, implement their own martial law and set off a nuclear bomb inside the city (that sure lacks the heroic charm of the DC comics superhero). Two female leads, Selina Kyle (as Catwoman ...though not directly referred in the movie) and Miranda Tate's(played by Marion Cotillard) supportive and villainous role has the whole success and failure story of Bane as well as Batman.. but the who's who of the female leads is the main spoiler of the movie, other than the death of Batman in the end. Robin alike "Blake" played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the most outstanding role in the movie (sure Oscar nodd for Best Supporting Actor) along with three famous actors Gary Oldman as Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred, and Morgan Freeman as Mr. Fox. Anne Hathaway leaves much stamp on the character "Cat-woman' with her witty, and impressive role.

The movie slips sometimes with the boredom talk of Bane, the "Mahabharat" like war (at least to people who know Hindu mythology) between Gotham Police/Batman and terrorizing Armies/Bane, the uninteresting economic tale about Wayne enterprise and the unbelievable shots.
Still Christian Nolan is too much clever in leaving a spectacular mark in the history of Cinema and a sure blockbuster from my side. With that who wants to compare it to The Dark Knight featuring Joker...... at least not me.....
And I predict the next Batman flick is to be Batman and Robin .... and that's gonna be fresh reboot...


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