SAFF 2013 pictures

Here are some pictures during Nepals game in SAFF championship 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4- the most innovative phone

With all those features, I am sure this is gonna be an iPhone Killer and speculate new innovations and censor controls in new smartphones to come.

Top Ten unbelievable incidents in Narayan Gopal's Life.

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal's name needs no introduction to all the Nepali out there. A legend in the Modern Music's first generation (Adhunik Geet yug) was borned today, (Oct 4) in the year 1939. Marking his birth anniversary, I am here to post top ten unknown incidents in his life (taken from film maker/writer Prakash Sayami).

Top Ten Movies of all time

I always want to read top tens in everything until now that I have started writing top ten stuffs in my blog.In this post, I am putting my own best Movies of all time. These movies are not only in the top of my favorite lists, but also are the greatest movies of all time in the history of Cinema.

CG to enter into telecom sector

Chaudhary Group, one of the biggest business house of Nepal (popular for electronic products and food/beverages) is all set to enter the telecom market with the brand name CG tel.

Sep 29, 2015

Google unveils two new Nexus phones 5X and 6P

Sep 29, 2015: Google has announced two new Nexus phones in the series of its own design and pure android smartphones. Nexus 5X and 6P, made by LG and Huawei respectively are unveiled in a Nexus event at San Francisco. The full metal body, 7.3 mm thin, comfy Nexus 6P has a display of 5.7 ", Snapdragon 810 64 bit processor underneath, 3450 mAh battery. The flagship phone owns a Type C USB port, 3GB RAM and low light sensitive camera of 12.3 MP/ 8MP. The camera provides you best low light experience (indoor photography) with 1.55 micro pixels and best selfie with HDR plus feature. The phone is known to be running on new Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Hardware wise, Google brings new finger print scanning features with Nexus imprint with the sensor in the back. The phone is priced at 500 $, with availability sometime in October. 

Nexus 5X is relatively low end with plastic built 136 gm weight, 5.2 inch display and 2700 mAh battery. The plastic phone comes with 64 bit Snapdragon 808, 2G RAM. Most of the hardware features are same as 6P like Camera and Nexus imprint feature. The camera as they told outperforms the previous edition of Nexus and iPhone 6S in low light due to higher pixel density, laser detect auto focus but 5X has 5M camera in the front. The phone supports Slow motion video and smart burst for animated GIFs. The camera is known to be missing the Image stabilization feature as found on the other flagship phones. Nexus 5X is priced at $379, and is available for pre-order at Google stores in two dozen countries.
Well the prices have gone down when I compare it with Nexus 6. Hardware and features have gone up, but I wait the videos of experience for both the phones to have more details. 
Both the phones will be running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Features of Marshmallow:
  • improved lock screen with google voice in swipe left, charging indicator.
  • Animations changed in opening screens.
  • Learning the pattern of the apps by user and notify accordingly.
  • Improved head-up notifications.
  • Reduced pre-loaded apps.
  • Now on tap feature to provide power of google to phone fast.
  • Voice actions: sending text or alarms.
  • Always on Google on.
  • New doze mode to go deeper sleep mode for saving battery.
Apart from two new Nexus phones, Google announced family plan for Google play music, Nexus protect and improved Google photo applications.

Sep 26, 2015

Nepal implements odd even vehicle system

Sep 26, 2015: Government of Nepal has decided to implement odd even number system in the country from Sunday, due to the shortage of petroleum products in the country. As the essential supplies including fuels are unofficially blocked by India and some Madhes based parties are also blocking the major entry points, the petroleum products got deficient. Lots of vehicles were bound to queue up in the line for hours to get the fuel in the government/security forces owned petrol pumps. With the system, vehicles with odd number will be allowed to ply on the road on odd dates and even number vehicles on even dates. Home ministry has announced to implement the numbering system strictly from Sunday till the situation gets better. India has officially expressed  its resentment in the promulgation of new constitution over the agitation in Madhesh and even hinted some blockade. Though there is no any official announcement of blockade from India, the tanks carrying essential supplies and petroleum products have been blocked in all of the checkpoints and Indian Oil corporation have stopped to provide petroleum fuels to Nepal Oil corporation. 
This sort of numbering system was implemented several times in some of the major events happened in Nepal like the SAARC summit, that time it was for reducing the number of vehicles plying in the road for traffic congestion but this time it is for the shortage of fuel.

Sep 22, 2015

Woda no 6 Movie review

More than "Halka Ramailo"

Sep 22, 2015:  Woda No. 6 is a story of five friends in ward number 6 village of Nuwakot during the Maoists insurgency period and their consequences after the peace accord. The movie tells the story in a comedy manner showing how disparities, economic divide and discrimination fuels the rise of "Mausuli" (Maoists) in the village and its the impact on the society. Among the five, one is a son of tailor: shown as "lower caste", second: the drunkard Daya, third: the juwade Magne, fourth: the bachelor having a problem with eye sight & marriage and the graduate Deep. The four illiterate have no other option to loiter other than playing cards or be drunk. All of them end up joining Maoists rebel group, either for taking revenge or due to Deeps clash with Kaji family (the elite in the Village). Movie even gets funnier in the Maoists camp and the training. The "Krantikari" love letter from Magne and Radio news broadcast in phone by Daya are more hilarious. Movie sounds a little vulgar in some parts whereas for a comedy with PG certificate, it is acceptable.
Even though most of the actors are originally from comedy TV serials, director Ujjwal Ghimire has managed to make them sound not too loud. The comedy faces, run and chase in the field are not found to the extent as found in the TV serials and are not the primary comic stunts. Directors managed the producers (as most of the actors are also the producer of the movie) not to be loud in the movie and made the plots/sequences look lively rather than the "Joker" like comedy.
Among the actors, Deepak raj Giri, Jitu Nepal, Kedar Ghimire, Sitaram Kattel, Rajaram Poudel are from TV whereas Priyanka karki, Dayanhang Rai, Nir Shah are from the main stream movies. To me, all of the actors have given their best whereas for Dayahang, I expected some major role which was missing and I felt he is not utilized to the full. But for a movie with such huge star casts, the unbalance of actors is quite evident. Film's hype would have been different but not the movie without Dayahang.

If I compare it with their former venture, the movie is way better than "Cha Ekan Cha" which was also successful business wise but critics had a different view. I am sure Wada no Cha will definitely break the records and will occupy more weeks in the screens. Dialogue delivery and the cinematic feel are far improved than "Cha Ekan Cha". But the film also could not get rid of old formula for having climax fight in the end whose length was too boring at least to me. 

Luckily, I happen to watch the movie with two prominent leaders, along with the movie crews at QFX Kumari. One was Minister for information and communication who was the host for the official ceremony to welcome new constitution at Tudikhel and the other being former prime minister who had expressed his discontent over the formation of new constitution (over some agitation) and boycotted the welcome program. Both of them applauded the movie and wished for more success in the history of Nepali cinema.

Movie is successful in entertaining people even with the serious issue of Maoists insurgency, its impact on the society & innocent villagers, and the consequences after peace accord. Though the movie did not take any side for or against the war but there are some lines that express the discontent in the rebels like "Tauko Katera Kranti hudaina" (There won't be revolution with beheading a person). Movie gets emotional at times, asking people to think of the reason behind the social disparities. With the perfection of script and dialogues, I bet if the dialogues are either written for the actors in their mind or be improvised later to suit the actors. Abhimanyu Nirabi deserves big salute for the script.
Cinematography by Deepak Bajracharya boosts the overall viewing experience and the feeling for a nice movie. About the location: the glittering mountains and flora in the backdrop are really fascinating. The songs: the"Wahiyat" song and another folk tune "Surkhe Thaili" are also worth listening. As the movie is more than halka ramailo, it is definitely setting a record in terms of success. Word of mouth is trending high on social medias and is providing more favor to the team for further success. I would also like to recommend highly to watch it in theaters other than wait for the movie to be uploaded in Youtube.

As the movie success is being measured in the no of turnouts during the strike, I have this random thought that Nepali movie will prosper high if two days holidays be given, unlike the single Saturday holiday. Not only movie, other industry will also boom with the two days holiday. So I conclude two days holiday be given for film development or else India's pending decision to block their films to Nepal will also do a big favor. #HalkaRamailo: Just to end on a funny note for such comedy movie review.

Sep 20, 2015

President of Nepal promulgates new constitution of Nepal (with Final pdf)

Sep 20, 2015: After the passing of the constitution draft by two third majority and verification by CA members and chairperson, President Ram Baran Yadav declares the commencement of the new constitution 2072 from today in a special meeting at the CA hall. With the promulgation of new constitution, the Interim Constitution has been nullified and the CA has been turned into a parliament as stated in the interim constitution. Eight years before, the first Constituent assembly was formed following the success of  People's movement II and Peace accord. Due to differences in several burning issues, the first CA was dissolved after four years of making without giving new constitution. A neutral government led by Chief Justice hold a election to second CA which is now successful in giving new constitution to Nepali within 2 years of election. Nepal has become one of the 40 countries which have made constitution through the election of Constituent assembly. 
President Ram Baran Yadav paid huge respect to the new constitution after promulgation and lawmakers gave a big round of applause for his respect. 

People have thronged to Baneshwor outside CA to join the celebration for the promulgation of new constitution. They were carrying Nepali flag and shouting slogans like "Yo jit kasko, Nepal ko", "Himal Pahad Terai, koi Chaina parai", and songs like "Sayau Thunga- National song" and "Rato ra chandra Surya". I felt really delighted for the nation and people as a whole as our long dream of having new constitution from peoples representative is fulfilled. Well, declaring the constitution is just a start, we all people have to follow it and force their representative to follow it accordingly. Now we all have to work together to take the progressive path for economic development. Let all the nationalists from different communities, ideology, and geography join the common cause for the development and prosperity of the country. I see no reason for any citizen to be unhappy as it does not discriminate people of their race, sex, religion, community, geography, and ideology. This is not the end for the constitution making as we can always make amendment with our representatives through upcoming elections. And I say welcome New Constitution of the federal democratic republic: Nepal. 
Here is the pdf of the final version of the New constitution of Nepal. Click to download.
Some other photos from the event are as follows:

Sep 16, 2015

This is how CA voted on every articles of New constitution.

Sep 16, 2015: CA today passed Nepal's new constitution 2072 by two third majority along with the endorsement of each and every articles before. Here is a video in Youtube that shows how CA chairperson Subash Nembang puts every clauses for the vote and Lawmakers either say "huncha" in support of the proposal or "hunna" for against the proposal.

Constitution of Nepal bill passed in CA, awaits signature and promulgation

Sept 16, 2016: Constitution of Nepal, 2072 has been passed by more than two third majority of the lawmakers present today in constituent assembly. Out of 598 lawmakers, 532 take part in the voting process with boycott of 58 lawmakers from 7 Madhesh based parties and 507 voted in support of the constitution. Before, all parts and clauses of the proposed new constitution of Nepal were also endorsed in the constituent assembly today. Chairperson of CA put each and every articles with the amendment proposal towards lawmakers for which they voted with their voice raised high as "Huncha" for yes and "Hunna" for No. This is the fourth day in a row voting in the constitution assembly with three articles passed on First day, 54 on second day and 176 articles on third day. With the amendment proposal in several articles from major three parties and some addition, the total no of articles in the new constitution is increased from 303 to 308.
After the endorsement of every clauses and passing the constitution as a whole, the promulgation date by President is also scheduled for Ashoj 3 (September 20) and will be implemented from that date. So it is now clear that the Nepal's constitution day will be celebrated on Ashoj 3 every year. Meanwhile it is also known that Government has planned to give public holiday on Ashoj 3 and 4 for celebration. 
The signature of the lawmakers will be done in the constitution printed on Nepali paper on Ashoj 1 in CA premises and after which it will be verified from CA chairman Subash Nembang. And as endorsed from CA, the promulgation will done on Ashoj 3 by President Ram Baran Yadav at 5 pm. The new constitution will be called "Nepal ko Sambidhan 2072".
This is the second constituent assembly in Nepal's history when the first one failed to pass new constitution within fours years (first two years and extended two years). The 19 days Peoples movement II and the peace accord between Maoists Rebel, Government backed by Seven Party Alliance (including NC, UML) opted CA as the means to write new constitution from Peoples mandate and so 601 lawmakers are elected from 240 electoral through mixed election system. The first meeting of the first CA decided to remove Kingship in Nepal through simple majority. Three major parties tried to bring the constitution with consensus which was not possible then and resulted in dissolving of CA without constitution. The second CA was also in the same situation with dispute in major issues like no. of federal states and the basis, forms of government, election system until mega earthquake came in the picture. 
The lawmakers from Madhesh (southern Plain region) based parties and Tharuwan (a ethnic group in Terai) are out of the current constitution making process and are in the street for the demand of autonomous/special region/state for their community. They have walked out of CA after major parties agreed for 7 states which are not according to their demands and previous agreement. With the promulgation of new constitution in Nepal, there are doubts if majority of people will accept it in this form but as 92 percent of the current CA members have taken part in the procedure, it definitely represents the peoples mandate. Though the constitution is being promulgated in this form, there are still ways to address the genuine demands from Madhesh, Tharu based parties now or they can always amend the constitution articles in the form they want, by taking major share in the upcoming parliament through elections. Most of the parts of this Constitution (except Independence, Sovereignty territorial integrity and multiparty democracy) is amendable and this is the major achievement we have got in it. So there is no point in not celebrating the new constitution that is made directly by Peoples representative through constituent assembly.

Here are some of my earlier blog posts in those years of Constitution making.

Sep 14, 2015

Nepal's new consititution to be promulgated on September 20

Sep 14, 2015: As the major political parties are determined to formulate the Nepal's new constitution with the current procedure of voting, it seems Nepal will be getting a new constitution within a week. Despite the protest by Madhesh (Southern flat area) based parties and other ethnic parties, three major parties ( Nepali Congress, United Marxist Leninist and former rebel party United Communist party of Nepal) are going firm to pass the Constitution bill from constituent assembly. Prime Minister along with major parties have asked the agitating parties to reconsider their protest and join the dialogue by pausing the ongoing procedure for two days. Previously there were series of invitation from major parties regarding the negotiation and the formal address with the current procedure or even after the promulgation but the Madheshi and Tharu leaders have outright rejected their proposal with the demand of pulling back the security forces including Army and the implementation of formal accord with them. The first day of CA meeting passed three articles of the proposed constitution draft and as many as 57 articles are passed for the new constitution for the second day. It seems it will require 4 more days to endorse the remaining portion. The draft of the new constitution has 302 articles in 37 parts. Except 64 Lawmakers from Madhesh based parties, majority of the CA members attended the voting process including the fourth party in CA, Rastriye Prajatantra Party Nepal who had even decided to pull out from CA regarding their demand for Hindu nation with Constitutional Kingship. 
Major parts of new constitution endorsed till now:
  • Secular state with freedom of religion.
  • Triangular old national flag with moon and sun.(red colored).
  • Official language: Nepali written in Devnagari Script.
  • National anthem, flower, color, bird to be the same.
  • Cow is the national animal.
  • Citizenship from either father or mother.
  • Daura Surwal and Gunyo Choli is not the national dress.
  • No death penalty.
  • No exile.
  • Press freedom.
  • No any discrimination against any national regarding their caste, region, sex, religion and physical/financial status
  • Rights for education, health, employment, food.
With the current voting process, it is known that the CA will endorse all of the proposed constitution and the promulgation will be done by President in a special ceremony at Constituent assembly on 20 September (Ashoj 3). The promulgation will deliver a new celebration day or public holiday in the history of Nepal as a constitution day on Ashoj 3. 
Though it seems little awkward to declare constitution with a portion of our own civilian in the street, it is a great moment to deliver the first constitution of Nepal as formulated by peoples representative without any pressure from King or other power house and the number shows that more than 92 percent of peoples representative are involved in the current procedure of voting the constitution. As the constitution is not static, there are still ways to address the demands from the agitating groups and parties even after the promulgation. If their demand is logical and supported by major people, the promulgation of new constitution should not be taken as a defeat of their logical demands as they always have this option to amend the constitution from the two third majority in the coming elections.
I even have some reservation in the proposed draft of the constitution for which I have written a blog post and even sent the comment to the CA subcommittee but now I have not taken it as my defeat. I still have the option to vote for the party/ person who will take my voice to represent in the later parliament and amend the constitution for nations and peoples well being. That's democracy and I firmly believe in it.

Sep 12, 2015

Talakjung vs Tulke to represent Nepal in Oscar

Sep 11 2015: Talakjung vs Tulke movie is officially selected to represent Nepali movie for Oscar Award 2015. Out of four films that have applied for the selection process, Oscar nomination committee in Film development Board has given nod to Talakjung vs Tulke. The movie was well received by audiences with the praise of the actors including Khagendra Lamichane and Richa Sharma. The movie even earned national ward for actor Richa sharma and Director Nischal Basnet. It is also nominated for this years NFDC national film award in the same categories and more including Best movie, Script. The movie is about a poor laborer in a remote village who struggles in the society for his identity during the insurgency period. The story line is quite simple and adapted from Chinese Novel "The true story of Ahq" which is well molded by the screenplay writer cum actor Khagendra Lamichane. The movie was also selected for international film festivals including Delhi International film festival and Shangai International film festival.
Last year Nepal sent Jhola to compete for the Best foreign language category, being a strong story it could not make to the final nod. Lets see how this another strong contender will result for this years Oscar. 

Kalo Pothi wins Best film at Venice film festival

Sep 11, 2015: Kalo Pothi: a Nepali movie is creating big bang at the international movie arena by being selected for many film festivals, including Venice Film festival, Busan film festival. It was in news that the movie is also getting positive response from the reviewers in such festivals. The movie is now known to have got the Best film award in Venice film festival critics week, Italy. Min Bahadur Bham, the writer/ director of the movie has shared the news in his Facebook with the picture of the award certificate. 
As known from the synopsis, the movie shows the adventure of two boys and their hen intertwined with those of the community in a small remote village (in Karnali region) when the war between Government army and Maoists Guerrilla was actually happening (during late 90's). The boys (from different community) go through series of incident in such conflict era, which also tells how unity is possible with diversity. The movie is produced together by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa (Mila Productions) and Debaki Rai (Shooney Films). The release date of the movie inside the country is still not known, but the movie as expected will surely travel around the world with some more awards to bag.

This is a great achievement for our country and all the film makers here. In this glorious moment, I would like to congratulate the team in making such a wonderful movie which is successful in grabbing awards in international arena. Really a proud moment for all Nepali movie fans.
After getting the award, the director dedicates the award to his beautiful country, fellow Nepalese (including all film makers in Nepal).
The teaser of the movie gives you goosebumps for the scenario back in the insurgency period when the news in radio had only the killings by State and Rebels. 
Here is the teaser of the movie in Youtube.

Sep 11, 2015

Gaijatra Mahotsav Comedy (in pics)

Sep 11, 2015: Every year majority of comedians in Nepal celebrate the festival of cow: Gaijatra like Dashain, as they make huge money out of the Gaijatra show. It is this time of the year when major comedians (from TV/film, radio) unite together to perform at Academy Hall, Kamaladi. This year is no different as the comedians from TV serials like "Tito satya", "Jire Khursani" and "Meri Bassai" performed the "Tite Jire Meri Bassai" Gaijatra Mahotsav at Pragya Pratisthan Hall for more than a week. Some of the actors in the collaboration are also together for making comedy movies like the blockbuster "Cha Ekan cha" and they even used the platform to promote their upcoming movie "Woda number cha". Actors like Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Shivahari Paudel, Kedar Ghimire (Magne Buda), Wilson Bikram Rai (Takme Buda), Rajaram Poudel, Kiran KC (Rata Makai), Comic Poet: Shailendra Simkhada, Singer/Musician Tika Bhandari are the main highlight of the show. Caricature of General Administration Minister Lal Babu Pandit by Manoj Gajurel was also one of the best act in the show according to news but he was not there for the show I attended, as he already left abroad for some other shows. Others actors missing in this years Gaijatra were Nirmal Sharma (Gaida), Jitu Nepal (Mundre), Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) and Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire), but the reason behind their absence are not known.
Though it was fun to laugh at the satire to the misery in our country, most of the themes/messages are repetitive (like Ethnic and religious Harmony, Earthquake) and felt could have targeted more social political mishaps. Some vulgar and erotic lines are always there, that tickles us for more laugh which is also a part of the Gaijatra. Other than the shows, some dances (that I think unnecessary), stand up by Host Raja Rajendra, parody by Tika Bhandari and poem by Shailendra Simkhada were also there.
Having said all that, I must not forget to appreciate their efforts in giving the message of keeping the harmony among nepali people in such a crucial moment. Hats off to all the organizers.
I know it was prohibited to take video inside the hall but for pictures I could not resist myself. As I had no any intention to make the video act, I aim my camera for long for some clear shots in long range zoom that made the personnel (who were there to scrutiny unauthorized video) kept on coming towards to stop me. I did not stop as I know it is not illegal to take photos and without flash for not disturbing others but I did stopped the person by me side who was taking video secretly. 
Here are some of the pictures from the event. (click to enlarge)