SAFF 2013 pictures

Here are some pictures during Nepals game in SAFF championship 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4- the most innovative phone

With all those features, I am sure this is gonna be an iPhone Killer and speculate new innovations and censor controls in new smartphones to come.

Top Ten unbelievable incidents in Narayan Gopal's Life.

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal's name needs no introduction to all the Nepali out there. A legend in the Modern Music's first generation (Adhunik Geet yug) was borned today, (Oct 4) in the year 1939. Marking his birth anniversary, I am here to post top ten unknown incidents in his life (taken from film maker/writer Prakash Sayami).

Top Ten Movies of all time

I always want to read top tens in everything until now that I have started writing top ten stuffs in my blog.In this post, I am putting my own best Movies of all time. These movies are not only in the top of my favorite lists, but also are the greatest movies of all time in the history of Cinema.

CG to enter into telecom sector

Chaudhary Group, one of the biggest business house of Nepal (popular for electronic products and food/beverages) is all set to enter the telecom market with the brand name CG tel.

Mar 31, 2013

Nepal gets selected for T20 World Cup Cricket qualifiers after beating Singapore.

Nepal, having 3 win from 4 matches ends up runner up in Group A of the ACC T20 Cup game with Hongkong leading the group whereas UAE leads the other group with Afghanistan as runner up. Earlier Nepal lost to Hongkong and won against Maldives and Malaysia. After beating Singapore by 121 runs on Sunday at TU Kirtipur Ground, Nepal not only heads to semi-final of this tournament but also gets the ticket to UAE to play ICC T20 World Cup 2014 Cricket qualifiers.16 team will be taking part in qualifiers where they only have to be in the Top six to be selected for Twenty20 World Cup 2014 in Bangladesh. Nepal seems to be good contender for the top six as we had improved a lot since the last qualifiers in Srilanka where we ended up in the seventh position when only two teams were taken to the T20 World Cup 2012. Altogether 16 teams (10 test playing nations + top 6 from the qualifiers will be playing the T20 World Cup 2014 in Bangladesh, which is up from 12 team last time at T20 World Cup 2012.
Nepal now take on UAE and Hongkong will meet Afghanistan for the Semi-final of the ACC T20, on Tuesday (April 2, 2013) at TU Cricket Stadium, Kirtipur. Though Nepal will try their best to beat UAE and again beat the other winner (Hongkong Vs Afghanistan) to be the Winner of ACC T20 being held in our country, this matches is gonna be a good rehearsal for the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers.
Good Luck Nepal Cricket Team.
Here are some pictures of Nepali Cricket Team match at Kirtipur Cricket Stadium.

Mar 28, 2013

Karkash movie trailer released.

Asif shah's first movie Karkash has released its first look today. The movie being a dark comedy is based on a musical story of a band in Thamel. The movie is introducing popular VJ Suraj Singh Thakuri as an actor and other actors include Dayahang Rai, Satyaraj Acharya and Raymond Das Shrestha. Harshika Shrestha and Ragini Khadki are female actors in the movie. The movie script was  written together by Asif Shah and Abhinas Bikram Shah and Cinematrographer is Sushan Prajapati who has done his wonderful job for Apabad and Sanghuro.
Asif Shah- not a new name in this entertainment industry who worked as a VJ, a Music Video Director, and a singer, is now releasing his first feature film directed and co-written by himself, with his production house G21. The movie is scheduled to release this June 14 (Jestha 31).

Mar 26, 2013

Lyrics of Simana by The AXE Band.

The AXE Band has released a single "Simana" from the album Vadas with a music video that is going pretty popular in Youtube. The Song is about the boarder encroachment by the southern neighbor and the conspiracy behind for not speaking fully about it. They also urge people with the song to fight against it and identify the traitor inside the country. I wonder if this song gets played in some TV channels.

Here is the lyrics of the song "Simana" by The AXE band.

Hamro Simana lai micheko ho ki becheko ho *2
Pahilo Kura yo bujhnu cha chakrabiyu kasle racheko ho.

Tanakpur ra Kalapani micheko ki becheko ho.*2
Dosro kura yo bujhnu cha samjhauta kasle racheko ho.

Purkha le lade Nalapani, aba hami ladchau kalapani.
Natra hami bachnu nai dhikkar huncha sadhai chimeki ho dar mani....mani.... yeah...

Simana ka killa haru dinai picche kina sarcha.
Hamrai bich mai satru bhaye tyaslai chindai marnu parcha. ] *2

Desh rahe po hami hunchau, yehi mantra sable japnu parcha.
Simana ma jange pillar hoina, bishal parkhal thapnu parcha.

Purkha le lade Nalapani, aba hami ladchau kalapani.
Natra hami bachnu nai dhikkar huncha sadhai chimeki ho dar mani....mani.... yeah...

Desh ko naksha khumchi sakyo,  sima bechi khayisakyo.
Susta jau ragat bagau, ladne bela ayisakyo.

Chinnai parcha aba hami sabaile, jo jo hidchan sadhai bui chadi.
Sapana matrai baddai hidne haru thula bairi ta ti hun badi.

Purkha le lade Nalapani, aba hami ladchau kalapani.
Natra hami bachnu nai dhikkar huncha sadhai chimeki ho dar mani....mani.... yeah...

Hamro Simana lai micheko ho ki becheko ho
Pahilo Kura yo bujhnu cha chakrabiyu kasle racheko ho.

Tanakpur ra Kalapani micheko ki becheko ho.
Dosro kura yo bujhnu cha samjhauta kasle racheko ho

Purkha le lade Nalapani, aba hami ladchau kalapani.
Natra hami bachnu nai dhikkar huncha sadhai chimeki ho dar mani....mani.... yeah...

Here is the music video of the song Simana.

Mar 22, 2013

Kathaa movie review.

Imagine a remote mountainous village with a changing weather, where a stutter "Kancha" (cattle man) and a mute girl "Kumari" love each other and there the need to earn some money for living wont lead the story to what they had dreamed of. Kathaa is a love tragedy filled with emotions, emotions and more emotions that a person (who have been in love) will heartily feel it and get the shivers. Movie has all the emotions, be it the love making pleasures, the anxious wait for their loved ones, the misery that they wont come back, the flashbacks of good moments and much more.
However, the movie has a slow pace that could upset some but the touchy emotions are worth the watch that quite mingle with the weather around. Actors Saugat Malla and Usha Rajak have miraculously portrayed the characters that deserves big applaud. Timothy Rai- the last/third character Sonam (Kancha's friend) has not also left us disappointed. In a big surprise, we could see a old women (Kumari's mother) outstanding emotions in her eyes that is very rare to find from a local villager. Kudos to Mr. Prashant Rasaily for making such wonderful movie even without a written script and 14 days pack up astonishes everyone. Now I wonder how the movie would have been made with the thriller/horror theme which they had thought of before.

I am about to wrap up the review but if you are seeking for whether to watch the movie or not, then I would recommend it to all those who have a heart and could stand the tragedy for more than 2 hours but make sure you bring enough tissues along. And a big no to all the Masala "hindi" movie lovers. A man next to me stand up to clap in the end though there are mixed reactions to the movie (from my conversation with few of them). But I loved the movie as a whole and the last scene makes it pretty worthy.

Background score well flows with the theme and the title song is heart touching with Prashant as a singer himself.

It wont come back but the story remains- Kathaa.
(Farkiyera audaina Kathaa baaki huncha)

Mar 21, 2013

Kathaa is straight from the heart: Prashant Rasaily

Being focused on Nepali cinema industry these days, I am having quite some posts lately regarding Nepali movies, and some Interviews. Now I am here to post some words from a film maker who has done extremely well for two of his movies- Kagbeni (being the scriptwriter) and Acharya (Directorial debut).
I had a chance of talking with him when his latest movie Kathaa is being released this Friday. Prashant Rasaily's Kathaa has already been the talk of the town, which was shot in high altitude of Gnathang, East Sikkim and has a love story of a stuttering man and a mute girl, starring Saugat Malla, Usha Rajak and Timothy Rai and all other casts were taken from the local village itself. Another exciting part of the movie is it was made without a script and was filmed with some torch lights.  As he was very busy promoting Kathaa, I somehow managed to have some words from him, though I don't think its a complete Interview ( which I will do complete it someday!!!).
Here is how Prashant has expressed his views with my queries.

RDMAN: How is the promotion going with Kathaa? 
Prashant: Kathaa’s promotion’s still fighting the financial threshold but, Nepali media has affectionately forwarded their loving support to our small film and is really helping us spread the good words. Our heartfelt gratitude to them.
RDMAN: How would you like to call your Movie? Art movie or some experimental movie?
Prashant: Kathaa is a commercial movie with some Art and experiments on it.

RDMAN: How did you have this whole idea of making a film without a script and with just flash lights?
Prashant: In terms of the story I observed Gnathang was the navigator and we were just following what it 
presented us and the flashlight Idea was something I really wanted to get my hands on. I have always 
experimented with the tools of filmmaking and the flashlight Idea was one of the risks I wanted to 
take. It was almost like “Make it or break it”. But deep down, I knew I would make it... and I did.
RDMAN: Do you think experimenting new things brings new genre and attracts more people to theaters?
Prashant: I don’t think experiments should be done to attract audience to the theater. But, it should be done to show how you see things…any illustrations shown with a lot of faith, speaks to every heart.
RDMAN: Are you thinking of making any commercial Hindi movie?
Prashant: Commercial yes! But not Masala for sure.
RDMAN: What is the current scenario of Nepali film industry?
Prashant: I don’t think I’m in a position to Judge. I’m just another “New Kid in Town”.
RDMAN: Where do you see Nepali movie industry in coming 5 years?
Prashant: In a better place than today…
RDMAN: What is the latest Nepali movie that you have watched and how was it?
Prashant: Loot… Enjoyed thoroughly.
RDMAN: How was Acharya business... I heard it didn't go well with the business though it was very nicely made.
Prashant: A craftsman puts his heart and soul in his craft, but if the shopkeeper decides to throw the piece of 
someone’s heart in the corner, then nobody can help… After all he is only a craftsman.
RDMAN: What do you think, how many kinds of genre are here in Nepali cinema industry?
Prashant: Haven’t watched too many films, so I really have no Idea about that.
RDMAN: How many recognition accolades Kathaa has got till now... I mean the film festival selection?
Prashant: Was in the “India gold category” in Mumbai film festival 2012. Was also one of the most recommended films in the festival. “Kathaa” has also got a special invitation for the 37th Goteborg International film festival.
RDMAN: With Whom you would like to work from current Nepali actors and why?
Prashant: I would definitely love to work with Jharana Brajacharya, I saw her work long time back and I was really impressed though we have not met before.
RDMAN: What should be the vision of Nepali filmmakers to make people come to theaters?
Prashant: Well, I cannot say what should be the vision of other filmmakers. But, to me, complete sincerity 
towards my work each time, is must.
RDMAN: If you have to tell Kathaa in two words, what would that be?
Prashant: Straight from the Heart.
RDMAN: Lastly what message do you have to all those aspirant filmmakers? 
Prashant: Follow your heart and don’t let the world tell you “You can’t”… Because you can!!!

Mar 20, 2013

Uma Nepali movie trailer released.

Uma - a new movie by Tshiring Rhitar Sherpa, releases its first trailer on March 20, Wednesday. The movie is known to be based an a story of a female rebel "Uma" during the peak point of the decade long armed conflict.

According to the movie team, the movie shows the insurgency period with a brother and sister relationship. Actress Reecha Sharma plays the role of a female rebel named "Uma" whereas Mithila Sharma is known to play her mother and  Saugat Malla as her brother, other actors include Pravin Khatiwoda, Dayahang Rai, Ashok Sharma. The third feature of Tshiring Rhitar Sherpa (after Mukundo and Karma), was shot in Khopasi, Kavre and is made very near to what happened during the conflict between Maoists and state forces claims Tshiring. The movie is scheduled to release this May 24 2013 (Jestha 10, 2070).

Here is the first trailer of the movie Uma.

After watching the trailer, I wonder if the movie has taken prejudice of either of the two sides (Maoists and Government forces) that I think should be balanced. The trailer looks promising and gives a glimpse of what the story line is all about but I expect more of the cinematography excellence and goose-bumpy dialogues than that shown in the trailer.

Mar 18, 2013

Who will be a Gurkha documentary review

A good movie/documentary always makes you happy after you get out of the cinema hall and there you could get the whole review in a single word. "Nice work" was the word most people used while coming out of the theater.  I was scintillated at many times during the whole length of the documentary and I got a sense of calling it a movie while leaving the cinema as it has got all that what it takes to be a full feature movie. It has a strong content, touchy emotions, ups and downs , funny moments with a nice flow. Though I don't know if some scenes were dramatized in it, its pretty worthy that adds nice aroma to the strong content of the documentary. The documentary was already acclaimed in different film festivals including KIMFF,  which made it to Cinemas in capital ( QFX and F-cube ).

Mar 15, 2013

The Axe band with new album named Bhadas.

One of the rock band of Nepal, who are in the Nepali music scene for about two decades- The AXE band are coming with a new album- their sixth album entitled Bhadas. This album Vadas is the latest one after their 2006 album "Kammasakka" which was very popular with the song "Euta Chitthi ko". The album Bhadas is known to include 10 songs with some patriotic, political frailty  and love relationship theme. The Band also informed of new music video of a song "Simana" to be released this week. This song is about the boarder encroachment in the southern belt of our country and the band feels right for each citizen to know what's the reason behind such continuous encroachment. 

Here is how the lyrics of the song Simana goes- only the first line.
     Hamro simana lai micheko ho ki becheko ho?
     Pahilo kura bujhnu cha, chakrabiu kasle racheko ho?
     Tanakpur ra kalapani micheko ho ki becheko ho?

There is also a song entitled "Mato Pani" which is against the Indian hegemony in Nepal, who being the nearest neighbor keeps on interfering much affairs in Nepal, according to the song. 
The band also expressed their skepticism that the song gets played in all of the radio/TV stations and mentioned that those who won't play the song/video Simana, they will be known by people as an agent for the nearest neighbor.
Lets see how will the come back of the old folk rock band be. 

Shiva Sunuwar- the front man of the 3 man Band (The AXE Band), asked people to listen the songs by buying original CD's as lot of hard work, money and time are invested in the album and urged to encourage Nepali artists by buying the original album. He said "Rs 250 ain't much but it will help encourage not only the band but all the people behind the music making." 
With this album release, I am sure they gonna be having some concert pretty soon, and I have not been in their concert since last Shikhar Beat contest (used to held for battle of emerging bands) which I don't remember the date.

Most popular songs from The AXE band are Chiya Barima, Euta Chitthi, Lukna deu, Timro Najar le, Ma audaichu, Praya. 
The AXE Band members are:
Shiva Sunuwar: Vocal and Bass Guitar
Surendra Shrestha: Drums.
Sajal Rajbhandari. Guitar.

Samsung Galaxy S4 features: The most innovative Smartphone.

In an unpacked event in New York, South Korean firm has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone- Samsung Galaxy S4- the most innovative mobile made till now. The mobile leaves no disappointment to all those who have already heard the features leaked in media and I even happened to post some of those rumored features few days back. With all those features, I am sure this is gonna be an iPhone Killer and speculate new innovations and censor controls in new smartphones to come.

Galaxy S4 looks pretty much like its predecessor Galaxy S3 expect the larger 5 inch screen with higher resolution and more crispy display.The quad core device has 13 Mp rear and 2 mp front camera with the dual camera, dual video call and time-lapse(short) features. With many gesture controls like eye control, air gesture control (with hand), you can smart scroll (tilting and waving), smart pause. The phone having 2GB RAM, runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and is slimmer, lighter (130gms) and stroner with its hardware.
If the phone boasts heavy features and faster internet connection, it should also have better battery specs, where in S4, battery comes in as 26000 mAh. It supports 3G+ (HSPA+ and LTE) worldwide, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

The phone also allows to record sound with your pictures, and adjusts sound/display according to the content you are listening/viewing. There are plethora of other features like S translator, Optical reader, S health which I don't feel like explaining here. Last but not not the least, the phone can also be converted into a TV remote control... pretty interesting huh!!. Though the price of the phone is not revealed yet, it will be around 750-800 USD (65,000 to 70,000 Nrs) I guess as price also determines the fate of the phone but its easy to get it with 200 USD in contracts with the carriers in US, Canada, and Europe which is what we in third world country miss it much.
All in all, a great phone to rival Apple inc. and  it seems like the rivalry of future of smartphone is on gestures/ censor controls. Good luck S4.

Mar 13, 2013

Breaking News: Consensus among Four parties for CJ solution, deal getting ready to be signed.

Update2: Cabinet has decided to forward ordinances (with new TRC ordinance) and ways to remove constitutional hurdles to President, though three ministries have boycotted the meeting. Meanwhile, the sworn in of the Chief Justice as Interim Election Council head, is planned for 9 am Thursday Morning.

Update1: Parties have inked two deals (one 25 point for removing constitutional hurdles and another 11 point for Political consensus) for making Chief justice to lead the "Interim Election Council" for which CJ had expressed his reservation to name him as Prime Minister only. Date for new CA election (491 members) is known to be agreed for Ashad 7, but parties are ready to give him ultimate date till Mangsir in case of some trouble. As CJ will be named Interim Election council head, I wonder what those 11 ministers from ex bureaucrats be called. Cabinet meeting is underway to approve the deals from the party and send ordinances to president to remove the constitutional hurdles. If President approves the ordinance and add some articles in Interim Constitution, Chief Justice is very likely to be sworn-ed in tonight this late. 

It is known that Four Parties (NC, UML, UCPN, and Madhesi Morcha) have reached to a consensus to make Chief justice- new prime Minister of  Nepal for holding another Constituent Assembly Elections. It is also known that 11 point deal is already drafted and is going to be signed by the senior leaders of the parties and cabinet after approval will be sending it to President. Its been more than a month that these parties were delving on that issue along with other issues of  TRC (Truth Reconciliation Committee), Citizenship problem, Maoists combatants rank, and constitutional hurdles.
Though all other issues are already known to be resolved, the issue of  rank of former Maoists combatants is not known how they have fixed as Maoists were asking for one colonel and two lieutenant colonel but NC,UML were against this proposal.

Earlier UCPN Leader and Minister of Finance Barshaman Pun informed media that the leaders have almost resolved all the issues for CJ Solution today and if Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi agrees with the issues, he will be sworn-ed in as Election Prime Minister tonight. He also hinted of the cabinet meeting after the deal of four parties and after approval from cabinet, they will send it to President for removing all the constitutional hurdles. They are also having rush to do it, even in the midnight hours as the hearing on a writ against the Chief Justice as the head of election government starts from tomorrow onward.

In a bid to end the political deadlock of our country, our country will have CJ as new prime Minister with previous bureaucrats like previous secretariats, and other experts as new Ministers under his cabinet. But the number of ministries seems to be either 11 or 15 (which is quite small as compared to previous government ministerial structure).
Meanwhile different Civil Society leaders have held an rally outside President's Office to protest against the CJ solution. On the other hand, 22 parties including new Maoists led by Mohan Baidhya have declared to intensify the protest against the four parties move to make chief justice as new Prime Minister, pointing it to be unconstitutional. In another event, former Prime Minister and Senior UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Chief Justice as new prime minister as it will lead country to nowhere and he smells big conspiracy in it.
With such opposition already, I wonder how Chief justice will be able to held elections in Ashad (now elections in Jestha seems to be almost impossible). If it's a mere conspiracy of a party to lead a country to vacuum and take advantage of it, they are the ones who will be foiling this CJ solution ( that is the ones who are conspiring, won't support him to held elections). Lets not hope so, and Wish our country will lead to new elections and Let the ballot decide.

Ongoing strikes make Deep Purple postpone its concert to April 26.

Legendary Rock Band Deep Purple who were supposed to perform a big concert this Friday (March 15) here in Kathmandu, has postponed the concert to April 26. Citing the ongoing political condition and frequently organizing strikes, the event manager ODC entertainment informed media of the delay. Bollywood sensation Farhan Akhtar was also supposed to perform during the event which is also deferred for now.
Having bought the ticket just two days before, I am very much disappointed with this postponement as I have been waiting so desperately to have a catch of their rocking performance in my own city. 

As I am uncertain of my presence in Kathmandu on April 26 (which is more than one month from now) due to office work, I feel like I won't be able to attend the concert. Now I just hope they wont cancel the concert though I may not be there, as it will have adverse effect on future concerts to be held here and the organizers will be discouraged to organize such big concert here.

According to some media, it is known that the ODC entertainment are just taking advantage of the ongoing strikes and postponed the concert due to least no.of ticket sales. Lets see how they are going to bring the reason behind the concert in a press meet to be organized later today. And let us know what if we want to get our money back if I am not able to be here in that time.

Mar 12, 2013

I have no regrets for rejecting any film: Reecha Sharma

Its been a while since I have taken Interview of Nepali Celebrity esp Nepali actors. Today I am here to post an interview with the most popular Actress Reecha Sharma which was taken some days back. Reecha Sharma started her career through music video, then stepped into television (Image Channel) and then ultimately into acting career. Her first movie was "First Love" and recently she has finished the shooting of her sixth movie named "Uma". She even acted in a television series "Hamro Team" directed by Bhusan Dahal that was aired on Kantipur television. Here is the how I have taken interview with her, who is currently in France for an acting Workshop.

RDMAN: How is the workshop going with you? Are you the only one there from Nepal? 
Reecha: Its going good till now, I am learning new dimensions of acting here. And the big thing is our instructor Jack Waltzer who has worked with Roman Polanski, Dustin Hoffman and Warner Bros. Ya, I am the only one so far.
RDMAN: I heard your new movie "Uma" has already completed shooting, is the post production also completed?
Reecha: No, Post production is on and the team has just launched a promotional song for the movie- SIRI MA SIRI by Abhaya and the steam injuns.

RDMAN: Tell me something about the movie "Uma".
Reecha: Well, the movie is based on the story that happens in the decade long conflict in our country. But its not limited to that only, the movie also depicts the conflict relationship between a brother and a sister in a family.
RDMAN: Are you in the lead role, and who others have acted in it?
Reecha: Saugat Malla, Mithila Sharma, Dayahang Rai, Srijana Subba and many other theatre artists like Pravin Kathiwoda have acted in the movie.
RDMAN: How do you feel about the current scenario of Nepali Film Industry, do you think it's going good?
Reecha: Its ok, not that bad but the culture of watching Nepali films is not well rooted in people. Movies are being made back to back but still not more than 2 percent of Nepali people watch nepali movies regularly. Technically we are bit ahead but we lack the narration of story to the audience.
RDMAN: So how can we drag audiences to cinema theaters?
Reecha:  "Loot" has already proved that if you make a good movie, audience will definitely go watch it. So we need to do more of such experimental movies and make new genre establish in Nepali cinema industry.
RDMAN: If you listen to the Nepali movie reviewers, it seems like none of the movie is worth watching, what do you have to say on this?
Reecha: For me, those mainstream reviewers are mere audience and I don't count their words as a review as most of them are so biased.  I would love to listen to a normal audience who pays and watch Nepali movies, than those journalists.
RDMAN: What are your future projects, are you coming up with any new feature?
Reecha: Frankly speaking, there ain't much offers to me now, first let me do with this workshop and there is one project under discussion. So, hope I will do it.

RDMAN: What are your selection criteria for movies or do you take all?
Reecha: Last year, I had many offers of which I only did "Visa Girl" and Uma. If the script impress me enough, then only I will do the movie. This year, less offers are coming but better ones, so basically its the same. I think if you do single movie that puts you and your character in peoples head, then its a great achievement.

RDMAN: Specifically, what do you see for selection, is it the story as a whole or just your role in selecting a movie?
Reecha:  I see both story and my character. I have this notion that if my character is deleted from the movie and the film is incomplete, then only I take the offer but I have no regrets for rejecting any film.
RDMAN: What about the technicalities of a movie(like camera), do you see that also affects our cinema industry?
Reecha: Yes that matters a lot in a film making process but we have used normal DSLR camera in making a good feature movie. 
RDMAN: Do you have any future plan for making a movie yourself?
Reecha: No I have not thought of it, now i am just into acting and I will think of film making after doing at least 20 films.
RDMAN:  Lastly, Where do you foresee Nepali cinema industry in coming 5 years? And do you forecast any movie up for OSCARS by that time?
Reecha: I see it will be pretty up in that time as its growing movie by movie. But now I don't see any of those in the OSCAR by that time.

Tech talk of the world- Samsung Galaxy S4 features.

It seems like whole world is talking about Samsung Galaxy S4 and with the rumors of great innovations in the mobile, I feel its gonna be a best seller phone though its too early to have a pick with just the rumors (which sometimes turn out to be fake).

Here are some of the rumored features for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • Floating touch which allows you to input to the phone without touching your finger in the screen.
  • Automatic Eye tracking which flips once you reach the bottom of the text.(using the front camera).
  • 5 inch Full HD display, 1080 * 1920.
  • OS: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.
  • 1.8 GHz Quad Core processor.
  • 2 GB  RAM.
  • Nano Sim
  • Minimum 32 GB storage.
  • 2600 mAh battery.
  • 13 Mega pixel rear and 2.1 mega pixel front Camera.
  • Panoramic feature inbuilt in Camera.
  • World Wide LTE support.( support all possible frequency or customized for different countries!!)
  • Price: 750 USD
Well, it is known that South Korean firm will be launching the new galaxy smartphone called Galaxy S4 in a Unpacked Event on March 14  in New York. It is also speculated that the smartphone will be available on the shelves in the first week of April. Lets stay tuned, how the new flagship from Samsung is going to rival with iPhone 5. Here is the first picture of Samsung Galaxy S4, posted in its official twitter account.

Mar 11, 2013

Deep Purple Concert to rock Kathmandu this Friday.

Worlds loudest band alive "Deep Purple" is coming to my city Kathmandu and It's not possible that I am not there. Two other friends of mine, Basu and Ksitiz contacted me to be there and see the legends rock perform in our very own city. As I had already known where to buy the tickets for my blog, I went straight off to Bhatbhateni to buy three Gold tickets which is worth Rs 2000 each. Though there are tickets of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 price, I decided to take the Gold one, hoping to have a closer view of the rock legends but Special 10,000 rupee ticket is not on my mind though you could get much closer view. I even wanted to be first to post this ticket picture in my Facebook but one of my friend already did, so I am here to post it in my blog with other information as well. 

Concert: Deep Purple Live in Nepal
Date: 15th March 2013 Friday 3 PM.
Venue: Dasarath Rangasala Stadium, Tripureshwor.
Event Organizer: Jetset PR Entertainment.
Gates Opens: 3 PM, closes at 7 pm
Tickets Available at: All Bhatbhateni outlets, Sherpa Mall, Adidas Store at (Kingsway City center and Civil Mall),  Blue Note-Lazimpat, New Orleans-Thamel.
You can also buy the tickets online via their online ticketing partner

It is also known that Indian Film maker/Actor/Singer Farhan Akhtar will also be performing before Deep Purple and there is no information regarding which Nepali band will be opening for Deep Purple. As the program is scheduled for 4 hours, I hope they have put less time for Farhan Akhtar + the unknown opening Band, and more time for Deep Purple as I want them to perform all of their songs I have loved.
I happen to see no high tech professional cameras allowed for the event in the back of the ticket. And I wonder why they don't allow DSLR inside the Stadium, and its a big disappointment to a person like me who love to take pictures in concerts.
But I am sure its gonna be one hell of a concert, rocking hard with Deep Purple's music.

Here are some of the songs I love to hear in the concert.
Smoke on the water.
Highway Star.
Child in Time.
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Badhshala Movie preview review.

When the movie team was organizing "Black Friday"-a protest program in Nepal, "Badhshala" (meaning Slaughterhouse in English) got screened in Australia on the very same day it was supposed to be released in Nepal. But due to Nepal Army's objection for the screening and Government indecision, its release date was postponed to indefinite date here and they may resort to Supreme Court for its release. This is not the first time a movie based on insurgency was banned, previously a movie by Narayan Puri - "Aago" was also first banned and later allowed to screen with so many scenes, dialogues being censored.

Directed by Manoj Pandit, Badhshala is a movie based on the torture story inside an army Barrack (Bhairab Natha Gand) where the then Maoists rebels are known to be tortured, humiliated, and disappeared after killing during the decade long insurgent period. As the story of the movie is inspired by books like Adhyara 258 dinharu by Jitman Basnet, Manav Badhshala by Krishna KC and an anonymous article written in Janastha weekly- all being either Maoists or Pro-Maoists, the movie is expected to depict the story just from the rebels point of view.

I myself being in Nepal, have not watched the movie but I have collected some views regarding the movie from my friends in Australia.
According to my friend, there is no big story here, it goes like this: Nepal Army takes custody of some people (Maoists and Normal), tortures them to get the whereabouts of  Prachanda/Baburam (the leader of then Maoists rebel), forces them to commit themselves of being Maoists and ultimately kills them. Regarding the torture part, movie has full of goose-bumpy scenes where my friend even closed her eyes at times. A violent scene where a pregnant women is hit by foot in her belly and poor food/living condition for the prisoners inside the army battalion shows the detainees were treated even worse than dogs. The movie is known to include some F*words that needs to be censored which sounded so cheap to my friend.

One friend argued that the movie shows army in a very bad way and tarnishes the image of a National Army, so it should be banned or censored as it will instigate some protests against them. 
So the million dollar question is: Is it worthy to ban a movie being based on a story (written by Maoists and pro-Maoists) that portrays Nepal Army in a bad way and tarnishes their image??. Well for that my friends were divided over the issue. Some argued that the movie shows Maoists as a true fighter for the nation and not a single misdeeds were shown from their side. Being a single sided story, it seems like they were trying to support the decade long insurgency. But another question arises instantly in my mind: If that thing is well depicted in the movie, then why would the current government (led by Maoists) is not allowing it to screen as they are very calculative in their own benefit OR are they afraid to go against the Nepal Army's letter to evict another Katuwal kanda-(tussle between Army and government)?
But other friends argued that each Nepali has the right to know what had happened inside the Bhairab Nath Battalion and alike during the insurgency period. Since the  movie is based on a true story that happened inside the Army Barrack, some friends are of complete support in screening it in Nepal without censor. They say History is history, we have to accept the mistakes committed in the course of time and learn from it rather than hide it. 

Almost all agreed that all star casts of Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Arpan Thapa, Anup Baral, Sarita Giri are super in their performance and some humorous scenes are also there to entertain you. From the conversations with those who have watched the movie, I believe the movie should be rated R for violence and should be screened in Nepal with proper censor without ruining the movie's theme and not instigating some more protests as we already had enough of that. Is not that a win win situation!!!
Lastly, Manoj Pandit deserves salutation for the daring work, as he might have predicted this sort of hurdles for the controversial issue.
Disclaimer: This movie review is solely based on what I had conversed with my friends.

Mar 9, 2013

New Load-shedding schedule effective from March 11 (Falgun 28).

Nepal Electricity Authority has announced the new load-shedding schedule to be reduced by 2 hours per day.  Issuing a notice today, NEA informed media of power cut hours to be made 10 hours from 12 hours per day. Citing the SLC examination, NEA decreased the load-shedding hours to alleviate the worst condition for students which is possible due to additional electricity from India, significant amount of water level in Kulekhani resorvoir and maintenance of Kali Gandaki A Hydro.

Here is the new load shedding schedule to be effective from March 11 (Falgun 29) but published on March 9. Click to download or larger picture.

Lyrics of Fikka fikka cha by Nabin K Bhattarai

Nabin K Bhattarai is back with a new album entitled "Kathmandu" and has also released a song "Fikka fikka cha' with his own unique style. The music video of the song was shot in Sydney, featuring Bimalesh Adhikari and Karsha Adikari which is going good in the air waves / net webs. Though this is what real Nabin K. Bhattarai is, it's early to say about the whole album. I am sure some "Pink Floyd" taste wont be missing there.

Here is the lyrics of the song "Fikka fikka cha" from the album Kathmandu.

[Fikka Fikka cha
Timi bina yo mero jindagi.]*2

Yi ankha le harpal,timilai khojcha.
Yi otha le harpal, timro nam japcha.
Ani mero ghayal mutu timilai samjhi runcha.

Fikka fikka cha,
Timi bina yo mero jindagi. *2

Sansara ka sabbai kura arthahin lagcha.
Mera sara khusi cchen barale jhai lagcha.
Ani mero ghayal mutu timilai samjhi runcha.

Fikka fikka cha,
Timi bina yo mero jindagi. *2

And here is the music video of the song Fikka fikka cha.

Mar 5, 2013

Badhshala may resort to Supreme Court for its release.

Update: Official Badhshala Facebook page has written that the movie release date is postponed to an unscheduled date as the government denied the permission to release the movie this Friday. Badhshala team is organizing "Black Friday" to protest against the government move to ban the film and garnering people's support to raise the "Freedom of Expression" voice.

The fate of the movie Badhshala which is based on atrocities inside an army barrack during the Maoist insurgency period- is now in the hands of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai who is going to watch the movie for its scheduled release this Friday (March 8, Falgun 25). It seems like the movie team have little hope of being passed by the censor board as Prime Minister himself owns the portfolio of Ministry of Defense which had previously written two letters to Ministry of Information and Communication to ban the movie, for the first time citing the unauthorized use of army costume and later telling the movie may affect the peace process.

The movie team expressed their dissatisfaction over the indecision of Censor Board to pass the movie due to the "Ministry of Defense" letters. In a press meet organized today in Anamnagar, Kathmandu, many film artists/well-wishers suggested them to go to Supreme court for this censorship, which is against the "Freedom of expression". So, if the result is negative from the prime minister, the movie team will go to Supreme Court as the last resort to release the movie.
Many cine artists have vowed to support any sort of protests against the Government's censorship for the most awaited movie "Badhshala". And as a well wisher of Nepali movie, I will be there to stand for it.
Here is the stunning trailer of the movie.

Mar 2, 2013

CG to enter into Telecom sector.

Chaudhary Group, one of the biggest business house of Nepal (popular for electronic products and food/beverages) is all set to enter the telecom market with the brand name CG tel. After acquiring 80 percent Shares of the American company STM Telecommunication Services, CG tel is eager to launch their services within six months. Remaining 20 percent share of STM Telecom Sanchar is owned by a Nepali company named AR investment.
STM telecommunication had been running rural telephones in villages of about 50 districts and has the largest PCO network in Nepal under the name "Gramintel". They are also providing services like tele-medicince, international calls, tele-centre in the rural areas, and have a subscriber base of about 5350 (according to NTA latest MIS). STM telecom had also applied for the unified license to NTA (Nepalese Telecommunication Authority) which if they get, allows them to operate different telecom services through a single license, with huge license fee of Rs 377.5 million. Though NTA is examining the applicants for the unified license, the regulatory body won't be able to do the big decision in the absence of their Chairman (whose appointment is stayed by Supreme court).

Chaudhary Group was very keen in investing in the telecom sector from many years but due to unavailability of enough frequency spectrum and huge license fee for new operator, they were mum to wait for amicable time. And this unified license fulfills their awaited desire and will enable them to use many telecom services like GSM, CDMA through a single license.