SAFF 2013 pictures

Here are some pictures during Nepals game in SAFF championship 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4- the most innovative phone

With all those features, I am sure this is gonna be an iPhone Killer and speculate new innovations and censor controls in new smartphones to come.

Top Ten unbelievable incidents in Narayan Gopal's Life.

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal's name needs no introduction to all the Nepali out there. A legend in the Modern Music's first generation (Adhunik Geet yug) was borned today, (Oct 4) in the year 1939. Marking his birth anniversary, I am here to post top ten unknown incidents in his life (taken from film maker/writer Prakash Sayami).

Top Ten Movies of all time

I always want to read top tens in everything until now that I have started writing top ten stuffs in my blog.In this post, I am putting my own best Movies of all time. These movies are not only in the top of my favorite lists, but also are the greatest movies of all time in the history of Cinema.

CG to enter into telecom sector

Chaudhary Group, one of the biggest business house of Nepal (popular for electronic products and food/beverages) is all set to enter the telecom market with the brand name CG tel.

Nov 28, 2012

Imam enters Big Boss 6 Main house.

There was a question in my mind what will happen if the weird guy Imam enters Big Boss main house!! Once kicked out of the mud house (padosi ghar) for his crazy behavior to Aaska, Imam had re-entered the house just two days before, apologizing to all the people in the house. He even reiterated that he wouldnot be doing any such weird acts like before. But all his promises gone to waste when he was seen provoking co-inmates Niauraha, Santosh and Brijesh, with Aaska not even talking to the weird stylist homosex. Then the three guys leave no stone in teasing, insulting and harassing Imam for his previous weird words and action to them. I too had a second thought if he will be again kicked out of the mud house. But guess what, the outcome is exactly opposite and it seems like Big boss guys are going to cash the weird ways of Imam from TRPs. Different media confirms the report of his entrance to the big boss main house and they even wrote Sapna is much more delighted for the stylist entry. As the mud house will be more silent with his departure, the glass house will be filled with unbelievable incidents for sure. One more thing, Urbashi's bitchy remarks will be shadowed by Imam entrance to the house. Lets see what will happen inside.

New Loadshedding Schedule, effective from November 28, 2012 (Mangsir 13).

Nepal Electricity Authority has increased the loadshedding hours that is effective from November 28, 2012 (Mangsir 13, 2069). With the new loadshedding schedule, electricity cut off periods will be 55 hours per week which is 8 hours average per day. The new loadshedding schedule has 9 hours no city supply in just one day and 7 hours cut off in two days and all other days have 8 hours cut off period. The whole cut off periods in a day is distributed in morning+day or day+night combination. Here is the loadshedding schedule or Ac Supply cut off periods effective from November 28, 2012 (Mangsir 13, 2069).

Nov 26, 2012

National Census 2012 report unveiled today.

In a program organised at Singhadurbar, PM Baburam Bhattarai unveiled the full report of National Census 2068 (2012), which was presented by CBS Director General Uttam Narayan Malla. According to the report, the total population of Nepal is 26,494,504, of which 51.5 are female and 48.5 are male. The total population is found to be increased by 1.35 % from the previous census done 10 years ago in 2058 B.S. The most populous district is Kathmandu having 1.7 million inhabitants whereas Manang is the least populous one. The literacy rate is found to be 65.9 percent which rose from 54.1 in 2001. 

 Total Ethnic groups are found to be 125 with 123 different languages. Chhetri is the major caste with 16.6% people whereas Bahun caste declines from 12.7 to 12.2%. Major religion is Hindu with 81.3% that is increased from 80.8%. More than two third (67.26 percent) of the total household’s main source of lighting is electricity.

The most interesting thing to note is that more people have access to mobile than toilet in their households. About 61.83% people have access to toilets in their households whereas about 64.63% people have access to mobile phones (which we can also call it as mobile teledensity of Nepal). But the internet reach in households is pretty low as 3.33%. Here are the major highlights of the national census 2012 report.

Nov 23, 2012

Imam Siddique back to Big Boss 6??

Update: Imam after entering the house said he was very much sorry for his action against Aaska. He also said he wont be doing such acts again in the house. As Salman asked Aaska if she forgives Imam then she expressed her view to give one chance to Imam. And Imam settles inside with Rakhi Sawant going out, to flirt with Salman.
Update: Rakhi Sawant entered the big boss 6 (big boss ka padosi ghar) in November 24's show and its her second time in the show. It is not clear if she is there to live inside the padosi ghar or she is just there for todays show only. And as Salman asked Nirauha to go towards the door to welcome another participants, Imam is shown entering inside. TV pundits claim Imam's comeback is all for TRP but how could a family show include such psycho behavior.Lets wait and see what will happen inside.
At the end of November 23rd show, highlights of tomorrow's show flashed a glimse of Imam Siddique in the Big Boss neighbor home (padosi ghar). The man who misbehaved Aaska, was kicked out from Bigboss due to his weird acts, and now it is known he will be back. A blog posts quoting internal sources has written that Big Boss team from Colors will be putting him in the show. And the 19 year old World's shortest girl Jyoti Amge will be going out due to her health issue. I wonder how Aaska will handle the man who misbehaved her and how Santosh Shukla (from Tv serial Chandrakanta) will take actions against Imam as he had already told he would have stopped him from doing such actions to a girl. It will be great to know how will the one way feelings inside Santosh Shukla grows for Aaska, and lets see what happens in the neighbor house (padosi ghar) as Brijesh (evicted today from main home) also enters the house.

Nov 21, 2012

Prashant Rasaily's Kathaa selected for Goteborg Film festival, Sweden.

A Nepali feature film directed by Prashant Rasaily from Sikkim has been selected for screening at the Goteborg International Film Festival in Sweden.

It is the first film from Sikkim to be shown at the fest, starting January 25.
Kathaa, which was premiered and screened at the Mumbai International Film Festiv-al in October under the best Indian films category, is the only Indian film to be selected for the Goteborg festival this year.
“The Goteberg International Film Festival is one of the largest film events in the world and screening of the film in such a festival is an honour. Kathaa is a low-budget movie made at a cost of Rs 30 lakh,” said director Prashant Rasaily.

“It is the first film from Sikkim to be screened at any international fest,” he added.
The 110-minute Nepali movie featuring actors Saugat Malla, Usha Rajak and Timothy Rai is a love story of a sheep herder and a deaf and mute village girl. It was shot in Gnathang, a quiet hamlet in East Sikkim near the India-China border, in 14 days.
Rasaily said the film fest gets around 1,30,000 entries from Africa, the US and Asia. “An Indian programmer of the Goteborg film festival met me after the screening of Kathaa in the Mumbai film festival. She said it was one of the best Indian movies she had seen. The next day I received an invitation to participate in the Goteborg Film Festival,” said the 33-year-old Rasaily.
The director from Gangtok has made several documentaries and Kathaa is his second feature film.
The movie has also been sent to Berlinale Film Festival to be held in February.
source: telegraphindia

Nov 19, 2012

Is Imam Siddiqui a moron? : Big Boss 6

Fashion stylist Imam Siddiqui, who has entered into the new home (neighbor of Big boss) with wild card entry along with Dinesh Yadav and Aashka Goradia (both evicted from the house in this season) has acted weird in the Monday edition of Big Boss 6 (November 19, 2012). He was also speaking differently to Dinesh in the yesterdays show. But today he crossed every line in the house, making people question, "Is he a moron"?
At first he had a discussion with Aaska regarding her body language when he was talking to her at dinner time. Then she spoke straight to him that he was overacting in the topic and asked to talk after the meal. But Imam refused and kept on talking with the logic that there is no rule that you could not talk while eating. Later he wore a one piece white dress with an underwear above that, and started making sounds wearing a tiger mask, like he was doing yoga or something like that. Disgusting!!!.
In an another clip, he took Aashkas belongings and put it somewhere else and told her that he is playing a game. Aashka immediately refused to play such game with him and when she found that Imam took her stuffs and put it somewhere else, she said she did not like all the things and warned him not to do such things again. Imam kept on saying "what would you do if I touch your stuffs", " I am just playing a game", "Don't take it personal". Imam even followed Aaska and Dinesh when they were going out. He even acted like talking to Big Boss inside confession room. I felt like something is wrong with this guy for such strange behavior. He then started crying for Aashkas comment about his religion or something not that clear. He demanded that she immediately made an apology other wise he would go out of the house. After some moments of dramas from Imam, Aashka made an apology in-front of a camera. 
Lastly, the most outrageous thing Imam did was he started destroying stuffs like Matkas in the house and acted like a moron. He even raised his M-finger to Big Boss for his numerous calls to be in the confession room. Security people were forced to enter inside and asked him to leave immediately but he refused and told them to call his friends. He was even telling them to behave normally otherwise he would strip naked, he was already half bare by then (with his upper part blurred). This is what happened in todays edition of  Big boss 6. More Story unfolds tomorrow. Being such a popular fashion icon (though I am hearing his name for the first time), he acted very strange crossing the line of what is normal as told by Aashka "This is not normal".
Here are latest posts about Imam in Big boss 6.

A talented kid from Dhading needs one opportunity

These days Social networks in Nepal esp Facebook are filled with the links of a talented kid video from Youtube. If you are a social network enthusiast, then you might have already noticed the kid from Dhading who sings in hotels around Malekhu, amusing people with his singing talent. Yeah, I am talking about Prem Pariyar, who is already a hero in social medias. He has many videos in Youtube, posted by the travelers who had found him singing in Malekhu, out of which one video (the latest one) has 120K hits in less than one week time. The video uploader had even written he had asked the kid to go with him to Kathmandu and would arrange everything for him but the kid refused. 

From the video, it is known that he had not taken any vocal training, but he is blessed with amazing vocal talent and even sings difficult songs that are not easy for professional singers as well. The inborn talent deserves sharing of this post so that he may get the one opportunity-one shot he is waiting. 
Next time, I go to Malekhu, I will be taking his video for sure.

Here are some of his videos in youtube.
1. Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Hindi).

2. Malai yo Jindagi le kaha puryayo.

3. Ma Bina Kasai Kasai lai Muskil cha pokhara ma.

Nov 16, 2012

Prachanda gets a tight slap.

Update: UCPN Maoist leaders meeting concludes that the incident is a pre-planned conspiracy to prevent the  agreement between political parties from happening and hints the Baidhya led Maoists party to be responsible for the incident as Padam Kunwar-the guy who slapped Prachanda is known to be affiliated with N.C.P.- Maoist (Baidhya). Nepali TV channels also confirmed his affiliation with the Baglung Jana Swamsebak sang, a youth wing of Baidya Led Maoists.

UCPN Maoists Chairman Prachanda has got a tight slap from a citizen in an event organized by the party marking the different festivals. A guy named Padam Kunwar from Baglung slapped the former prime minister and former rebel leader when he was in the dais, shaking hands with people. Though it is known that Padam Kunwar's family is affiliated to the Maoists party, but it's not clear which faction he is in now.

After the slap, UCPN cadres attacked him and Kunwar was seriously wounded with the punches. Now he is in Birendra Police Hospital for checkup. Hospital sources say he has serious wounds in his mouth and is not able to speak clearly. Meanwhile there is a simultaneous meeting of security meetings in Home Ministry and Maoists leaders meeting in Prachanda's Residence.
Padam Kunwar seriously wounded from Maoists cadres attack , after slapping Prachanda.
This sort of slap or physical attack on high level political leaders is in series after the attack on UML leader Jhala Nath Khanal and Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala. Though People are furious with the current crisis in the country, (yielding no significant development in the stalemate) this sort of attack promotes anarchy. As such attack happened previously from the general people, political leaders are still not aware of the people's anticipated anger towards the political development, but instead they kept on working on their own, leaving people's aspiration for a prosperity and development. I predict more of such attacks if the political stalemate continues and the parties/leaders kept on thinking on their own circle, instead of the whole country.

Nov 8, 2012

NT to launch WiMAX from Kartik 27, 2069.

Nepal Telecom is going to launch the broadband internet service WiMAX from November 12 (Kartik 27) in the Kathmandu valley. Earlier the release date was announced to be November 9. Though it was expected the service to be launched for normal customers, the service in its first phase will be available only to Corporate houses like Business offices, Hospitals, Education Institutes, Embassies, Tourism offices, Government/semi-government offices, NGO, INGO. 
Planned for the whole of Nepal, this service will now be available in the Kathmandu Valley from Sanga in the east to Balambu in the west and from Budanilkantha in the North to Dakshinkali area in the South. Nepal Telecom ensures the data rates to be above 256 Kbps, which in near to base station (tower) soars up to Mbps. 
The state owned company has released three Volume based packages based on the data rates (256 Kbps, 512 Kbps and 1 Mbps), of which they will be providing 1 Mbps 30GB Volume and beyond package only to the Business offices for some months. Here is the WiMAX tariff as provided in a press release by NTC.

Nov 5, 2012

Facebook testing new Timeline design.

There were many people who disliked Facebook and even turned out to Google+ after they introduced Timeline. A Facebook page even accumulated 26k likes for the hate they had for the timeline design and want them to be disabled. Now Facebook is preparing to make changes for its Timeline. confirms the testing of new timeline design in which there will be a single column instead of double column, one for the profile owner's updates and another for other updates from friends, pages.
It is known that the new design is currently being tested to small percentage of people and later will be applied to all profiles.
This is how the single column Facebook new timeline design, below in the picture.
"Facebook is testing a new design with a small percentage of people to make navigating Timeline even easier," a spokesperson for the social network tells NBC News asked about the changes. This sort of test is not unusual as Facebook tests variety of new tweaks to small number of people before rolling out a new change.

Small earthquake hits Nepal: November 5, 2012

Small Earthquake rattles most of the regions around Kathmandu, Nepal. Tremors of small magnitude was felt around 7 pm on Monday (November 5, 2012). Report has it that the quake was also felt in other parts of the country. International report says that an earthquake of magnitude 4.8 hits the Nepal-Xizang(China) border at 13:08 GMT ( 18:53 Nepali time). No any destruction or casualties are reported in the country so far. Detail reports are yet to come.

Here is a picture which shows the epicenter of the earthquake at Nepal-Xizang (China) border.