SAFF 2013 pictures

Here are some pictures during Nepals game in SAFF championship 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4- the most innovative phone

With all those features, I am sure this is gonna be an iPhone Killer and speculate new innovations and censor controls in new smartphones to come.

Top Ten unbelievable incidents in Narayan Gopal's Life.

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal's name needs no introduction to all the Nepali out there. A legend in the Modern Music's first generation (Adhunik Geet yug) was borned today, (Oct 4) in the year 1939. Marking his birth anniversary, I am here to post top ten unknown incidents in his life (taken from film maker/writer Prakash Sayami).

Top Ten Movies of all time

I always want to read top tens in everything until now that I have started writing top ten stuffs in my blog.In this post, I am putting my own best Movies of all time. These movies are not only in the top of my favorite lists, but also are the greatest movies of all time in the history of Cinema.

CG to enter into telecom sector

Chaudhary Group, one of the biggest business house of Nepal (popular for electronic products and food/beverages) is all set to enter the telecom market with the brand name CG tel.

Feb 17, 2014

Lost plane known to be found in Dhikure Village

Feb 17, 2014: The Nepal Airline twin otter that had gone missing from yesterday, is known to be found around Dhikure Village, Arghakhanchi. Locals in Dhikure Village of Arghakhanchi have informed Police that they have found the crashed plane in Masine Lek, which according to them fell into pieces from the sky. It is also known that security forces are reaching the place to confirm it. If the information is true, then there is no chance of getting any people alive, unless a miracle had happened.
Authorities have confirmed of the plane crash whereas more details are yet to be announced.
Read more about the lost plane.
NA plane heading Jumla gone missing, crash feared.
A twin otter wing with cloud and mountain in the backdrop.

Feb 16, 2014

NA plane heading Jumla goes missing, crash feared

Update: Feb 17, 9 am: Locals in Dhikure Village of Arghakhanchi have informed Police that they have found the crashed plane in Masina Lek danda, which according to them fell into pieces. It is known that security forces are reaching the place to confirm it. If the information is true, then there is no chance of getting any people alive, unless a miracle had happened. 
Feb 16, 2014: A twin otter airplane has gone missing since 1:00 pm today. The Nepal airline plane carrying 3 crew members and 15 passengers, and had flown towards Jumla from Pokhara at 12:45 pm. It is known that last contact was made with Bhairahwa airport at 1:13 pm when the plane had returned back due to rough weather near Khara, Rukum. Authorities have issued a statement saying the rescue operations are underway to find the lost aircraft. Meanwhile locals in a village between Argakhanchi and Palpa have claimed to have seen the aircraft pretty near over their home, so people have suspected that the craft may have suffered a crash near to the area. Another craft is also sent to the area for the rescue operation and security forces are also being deployed to locate the lost plane. But due to the bad weather, exact information about the plane is not yet found.
The 19 seated 9NABB aircraft was bought 43 years ago and just two years after the same craft is believed to be kidnapped by Nepali Congress cadres including current Prime Minister Sushil Koirala in B.S 2030 during its revolt with the Panchayat regime. It is a coincident that the same Congress abducted aircraft is lost today with 15 passengers including a Local Congress Leader (President of Nepali Congress, Jumla), in just a week after the win of NC president Sushil Koirala for the prime minister post.

Here is the name list of all passengers in the plane.
Manav Sejuwal (Jumla Congress President).
Gauri Kathayat (Journalist)
Tek Bahadur Mahatara.
Nanda Mahatara
D. Mahatara
Barsha Hamal Neupane
Uma Tamang
Dr. Bikapla Pokharel
DP Upadhyaya
Rajendra Prasad Devkota
Deepak Shrestha
D Shahi
R Chaulagai
M Madisson ( Denmark)
and an infant.

Crew Members.
Captain Shankar Shrestha
Co-Pilot Rabindra Banjara
Airhostess Muna Maharjan.

Feb 10, 2014

Mokshya nepali movie review.

It is very difficult to write a review with full praise or full criticism as it may sound one sided which I never want it to be. So I have skipped some movies for being unable to completely rebuke one's work. This time around for Mokshya, I hesitated at first but for the exact opposite reason.
Mokshya is a musical story of a lead singer of a rock band and his struggle with life. The underground band plays in a pub with no outcome, decides to go mainstream, names itself as Mokshya, and prepares to win a band competition for their further musical career. The four college students are not much concerned with their studies nor with the result so they often get involved in conflict with their parents. Despite their family discontent, they succeed in getting recognition from the band competition but an incident struck the band right after the win. The movie does not delve into the reason behind the incident other than a stare with member of another band. Koshish, the protagonist is now bound to live his remaining life on wheel chair due to spinal cord injury. Knowing the fact that he wont be able to walk with his feet, he remains aloof not only from his band members but also from his girl friend. 

Movie is made in such a way that you get so close with the character Koshish, you feel his emotions/pain, you even get to laugh with the witty dialogues that balances the movie for not being too much sappy. Other than the lead role by Koshish Chetri, Jason the "Tori laure" Character played by Bikram singh is equally admired by people for his funny and easy acting. Uneasy dialogue delivery from the two female actors, is overshadowed by the good story line and the making. Getting the first good project, Benisha Hamal will definitely acquire good recognition from the movie. Flashbacks and flash-forwards are well managed to keep the flow smooth. Combined effort from Rajan Kathet and Pragyan Thapa is praiseworthy for the nice script and dialogues. Director Prabin Shrestha has put a real effort in bringing out his own struggle in the movie, and deserves a big salute for that. Apart from the nice making, the movie has got a message to raise awareness in people for the way they look towards person with disability (PWD).
Another plus point for the movie is the melodious songs from Sanjeev Singh, Navakranti band and Rockshastra which are well written and synced with the flow of the movie. See here for more info about the songs.
Some people are found complaining about the ending of the movie but I have no qualms over it as that's just the way his life is moving and it goes on.
So folks what you waiting for, go watch the movie and I bet you won't utter words other than synonyms of "splendid".

Feb 9, 2014

Musical encounter with Bipul.

Its just today that I stumble with the song Asar by Bipul chettri on Youtube which was released more than 5 months ago. The song caught me and I was like thinking where the hell was I for all those months. The song went on loop for at least 5 times. I could feel monsoon with the song and soon I saved it for the bored monsoon playlist. Words like "Sa ra ra", "Asara", "Lai bari lai", "ye kanchi/ o nani" and the rhythmic folk tune made me feel nostalgic. 
Then I started searching for more songs from the singer Bipul chetri (whom I have never heard of) but I was already a big fan. I came to know he is a music literate from Kalimpong and already popular among Nepali music fans for his expressive words and impressive music/singing. Many came across him nearly a year ago, when he shared his song "Wildfire (Dhadelo lagyo)" on Soundcloud that got huge response and put him in the heart of many. The dark song inspired by the wildfires of Darjeeling creates full motion in your heart with the raging words and lofty music. Soon I found he was even nominated for three categories in this years Hits FM music award for this song.
His latest offering is "Mountain high" (released one month ago), which has got Buddhist chants, tinkling of cow heard and same stylish singing. The mountain folk song puts you near to spiritual world and can even make you wanna dance to the beats. Best part of his songs are they bring smile on our face and makes you listen it on repeat, creating a lasting happy mood. Thank you Bipul for that. Keep on moving with your passion and make us happy.

After listening to the three wonderful songs from him, I think of buying the album which is not yet released and currently in the process of making. It is known that he had already named it to be "Sketches of Darjeeling" and he will be blending different elements from Darjeeling with the folk rock music in it. Apart from the wait for his album, I am even desperately waiting to listen him live, here in Kathmandu.

Feb 8, 2014

Songs from the movie Mokshya

Movie Mokshya has got rave reviews from the very first show till the second day of its public release and I am sure word of mouth will make it one of the successful movie in Nepali cinema industry history. Apart from the movie itself being nice, songs within the movie are not only melodious but also well written and synced with the flow of the movie. Mokshya can also be termed a musical with lyrics/music from Sanjeev Singh, Navakranti band, Dhilung Rai and even from the director Prabeen shrestha. Vocals are mainly from Sanjeev Singh and Navakranti band whereas one (Marchu ki kya ho Ganja tani tani) is sang by Rockshastra. 

Here are the list of  songs from the movie.

Oh oh by Navakranti band.

Khulla Aakash ma by Sanjeev Singh

Aaudaichu ma by Sanjeev Singh

Marchu ki kya ho by Rockshastra

Kina ni by Sanjeev Singh: Click the link to get the audio track from
Bhatkiyeko Akash by Navakranti is not yet released in any media which I assume will be the next release.  Finger crossed till then or buying the album also seems worthy.

Feb 7, 2014

Jhola movie review

झोला चलचित्र समिक्षा 
लोकप्रिय कृती माथि चलचित्र बनाउन जती गार्हो हुन्छ, अझ त्यसलाई न्याय गर्न त झनै गार्हो हुन्छ । चलचित्र जुन कृती मा बनेको हो उक्त कृती लाई न्याय गरेको ठहरिए मात्र चलचित्र सफल भएको मान्न सकिन्छ ।
धेरैले पढेको, रेडियो/अनलाईन बाट सुनेको कृष्ण धराबासी को कथा "झोला" मा आधिरित चलचित्र "झोला सती एक कु-प्रथा"लाई बनाउन पनि त्यती सहज पक्कै पनि भएन होला । त्यस्तो असहजता को बिच पनि सय बर्ष अगाडी को समाज लाई चित्रण गर्दै जुन आट र साहसले यो चलचित्र लाई दर्शक माझ पुर्याउन सफल भए त्यस्लाई मान्नै पर्ने हुन्छ ।
चलचित्र को कथा बारे धेरै भन्नु नपरे पनि यसमा कसरी एउटा महिलालाइ आफ्नो श्रीमान को मिर्त्यु पश्चात उनकै चिता सङ्गै जल्न बाध्य पारिन्छ, अनि एउटा बालकलाइ कसरी एकै चोटी बुवा र आमा दुबै को शोक बेहोर्न पर्छ, त्यसलाई मर्मस्पर्शी ढङ्गले देखाउन प्रयत्न गरिएको छ । 
चलचित्रमा त्यतीखेरको रुदिबादी समाजमानि एउटा महिला को जिउने अधिकार रक्षाको लागि कसरी उनका आफ्न्तको साथ र समर्थन मिल्छ, त्यसलाई देखाउदै नारी अधिकार को पक्षमा आवाज उठाइएको छ । 

सिनेमा को फ्रेममा दुइ चार मिनेट मात्र अटाउने बाहेक प्रमुख पात्रमा खेल्ने कलाकारहरु गरिमा पन्त, दिपक छेत्री, देश्भक्त खनाल, लक्ष्मी गिरी र बाल कलाकार सुजल नेपाल को अभिनय तारिफयोग्य छ । त्यसमाथि पनि नायिका गरिमा पन्त र उनको बृद्व श्रीमान को भूमिकामा रहेका दिपक छेत्री को अभिनय अझ धेरै उत्कृष्ट छ । 

जेसन कुवर को धुन/संगीत कर्णप्रिय हुँदा हुँदै पनि कही "लाउड" लाग्न सक्छ, त्यसमा संगीत को माध्यमले दर्शक को मनमा ढ्याङ्ग्रो ठोकाउन खोजेको भान हुन्छ । लेखक स्वयम को उपस्थितीले चलचित्रलाई धेरै नै बल मिलेको छ र सिनेमालाई उहाको कल्पनासिलतासँग नजिक तुल्याउन पनि सजिलो भएको हुन पर्छ । तर यती धेरै सबल पक्षका बाबजुतनि चलचित्रको मुख्य मुटु जुन सती जादाको दृश्यलाई हृदय बिदारक देखाउन चाही केहि हद सम्म चुकेको नै भन्न मिल्छ, जसमा उपयुक्त प्रबिधी को प्रयोग नभएको बुझिन्छ ।  
हुन त छोटो कथा मा आधारित भएर नि होला चलचित्र सार्है छोटो लाग्न सक्छ तर त्यो चितामा सती बस्दा को दृश्य र ओडारमा बसेको दृश्य हरु अलि कम गती मा देखाइएको भए अझ राम्रो हुने थियो भन्ने महशुस हुन्छ । 
समग्रमा भन्नु पर्दा यसरी लोकप्रिय/मौलिक कथा माथि यत्ती को चलचित्र बनेकोमा सबैले निर्देशक को काम लाई सर्हाना गर्दै एक पटक हेर्न हल सम्म जानु पर्ने हुन्छ। साहित्य मा रुची राख्ने देखी उक्त कथा नपढेका/नसुनेका तर त्यसबारे छिट्पुट सुनेका सम्मकालाई चलचित्र हेर्न हल सम्म पुग्ने सम्भावना भएकोले चलचित्र को ब्यापर राम्रो हुने छाटकाट देखिन्छ । 
माघ २४, २०७०

Feb 6, 2014

NT celebrated its 10th anniversary with events and launches.

Nepal Telecom, the no. 1 profit making government owned telecom operator, has celebrated its 10th anniversary. For about a week, NT organized several programs marking the changeover of a corporation (est. 1975) into a public company. From Bagmati cleaning program to an open marathon to Blood donation to a charity in Pashupati old age home and many more, NT's higher management were very busy attending the events. Internal sports tournament were also organized within the company for games like Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Chess and others. On NT day (NT day), they organized a formal program in their central office with chief guest Minister for Information and communication, Madhav Prasad Poudel. Addressing the program, he informed about the current progress to bring strategic Partner in NT that he believes has a vital role in keeping the good health of the company. 
Nepal Telecom MD Anup Ranjan Bhattarai said that the current projects like 10 Million GSM, 2 Million CDMA, 200K WiMAX and Convergence Billing would help increase the digital inclusion by expanding the digital presence in all the regions of the country. 
During the program, NT also launched its official android app and various offers (including unlimited night calls in CDMA, 50 MB data free for post paid and many more). 
NT even demonstrated Fiber to the Home (FTTH) showing a HD video through the technology in a dinner party held in Yak and Yeti Hotel.