SAFF 2013 pictures

Here are some pictures during Nepals game in SAFF championship 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4- the most innovative phone

With all those features, I am sure this is gonna be an iPhone Killer and speculate new innovations and censor controls in new smartphones to come.

Top Ten unbelievable incidents in Narayan Gopal's Life.

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal's name needs no introduction to all the Nepali out there. A legend in the Modern Music's first generation (Adhunik Geet yug) was borned today, (Oct 4) in the year 1939. Marking his birth anniversary, I am here to post top ten unknown incidents in his life (taken from film maker/writer Prakash Sayami).

Top Ten Movies of all time

I always want to read top tens in everything until now that I have started writing top ten stuffs in my blog.In this post, I am putting my own best Movies of all time. These movies are not only in the top of my favorite lists, but also are the greatest movies of all time in the history of Cinema.

CG to enter into telecom sector

Chaudhary Group, one of the biggest business house of Nepal (popular for electronic products and food/beverages) is all set to enter the telecom market with the brand name CG tel.

Mar 30, 2012

Infrastructure Sharing in Telecom

 With the telecom operators going fierce for fast roll-out of network to be the leader in terms of subscribers, quality of service and revenues, it seems like the status quo in sharing of the infrastructure will lead to big altercation in the whole city landscape. New telecom towers erecting in just few days from new operators (with least frequencies in big cities like Kathmandu), will not only increase the carbon emissions from the gen set used in hundreds of stations, but also questions the sustainability of these small operators in the business. These days, 65-70 % of operator opex goes to telecom infrastructure cost and research says that about 30% capex and 15% opex can be saved from the infrastructure sharing for a telecom operator in wireless. Telecom infrastructure Sharing is relevant in both fixed and wireless but it is much more matured after implementation in wireless and gives significant benefits as huge number of stations are needed. There are many models of infrastructure sharing in developed, developing and poor countries. They differ on the type of resources shared. These resources could be

Active components: like Base station, Radio Spectrum, Microwave Radio equipment, Antennas, Switches, TRx's etc.
Passive components: like Antenna mount, BTS shelter, power supply, inverters, Generator, AC, battery bank...etc.
Transmission backhaul: like Optical fiber, DSL etc for intermediate links from site to a central station where they have access to other Location.

There are many examples here in Kathmandu where two, three mobile towers from existing operators are placed nearby. And for the new operators, they are not building it too far. Especially for the rural telecommunication, the sharing will ease the commissioning for new operators, make multiple operators available there to foster competition. So, if the infrastructure sharing in mobile operators is put on, it will be beneficial not only to environment, operators and customers, but also in reducing the country's digital divide between those who have and have not access to the information, communication technology.

I had seen more than 20 Antennas in a single Tower in India, which is a proof of how fierce they share the passive components, that has made the Indian telecommunication industry, one of the most competitive and fastest growing telecom market and the recent approval of active component sharing by DOT ( Department of Telecom) will make Indian telecommunication industry grow at even much higher pace. Nepal has to learn from this, to enable sharing resources among operators which will be beneficial to them, customers and for the development of a nation. NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) must workout hard for the implementation and regulation of infrastructure sharing. Wish NTA may succeed in implementing Infrastructure sharing in near future before its too late.

Mar 26, 2012

Australia bans Huawei for a project.

There have been reports of ban on Chinese vendors in several countries for bidding projects due to espionage concern. In a latest news, Australian Government has banned Huawei from bidding in any tenders for the supply of equipment for the National Broadband Network (NBN). Huawei, meanwhile, is reportedly fighting the ban, both publically and via diplomatic channels, with sources at the vendor cited as claiming that the Chinese government could retaliate if the ban on the company participating in tenders is not lifted.

The Australian government, however, has seemingly remained unmoved regarding its position on the matter, with a spokeswoman cited as saying: ‘As a strategic and significant government investment, we have a responsibility to do our utmost to protect [the NBN’s] integrity and that of the information carried on it … This is consistent with the government’s practice for ensuring the security and resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure more broadly.’

Mar 24, 2012

Two year old sings Adele.

Here is another viral video in youtube that has achieved 1.5 M views in just two weeks of the post. Now after three weeks, the no. of hits has reached to 6.5 M that's more of a viral (i guess). Due to rapid posts of the video in social media sites like facebook, twitter , the clip spread like a wildfire leaving smile in people and making news all over. Here is the video.
This is sang by a two year old Canadian cutie Makena and her mother posted the clip on Youtube. In the video, she sings Adele's heart breaking track "Someone like you"and it seems like she knows the meaning of the words which is unlikely. The best part of the video which many viewers feel is at 1:09. Many people are complementing her in the video with comments like cute, precious, sweetie, jealous, so adorable but there are 977 people who disliked the video. Well my comment would be cho chweet!!!.

Huawei Claims 30 Gbps 'Beyond 4G'

As LTE goes commercial and operators start to plan for LTE-Advanced, some players are inevitably pushing towards yet another generation of wireless performance. Huawei says it has run internal demonstrations of what it calls 'Beyond LTE', which can deliver more than 20 times the speeds of current 4G networks.
The Chinese vendor - which is seeking to position itself in the forefront of technology innovation, and is building major patent holdings in emerging standards - says the prototype system can reach peak data rates of up to 30Gbps. It achieves this using a combination of advanced techniques including antenna structure and MIMO arrays, plus changes to the RF architecture and intermediate frequency algorithms.
David Wang, president of the firm's wireless network business unit, said in a statement: "Mobile networks are developing at an unprecedented rate. Future technologies will bring revolutionary advances in network evolution - higher spectrum efficiency, wider spectrum aggregation, and faster access rates. Our Beyond LTE technology signifies the future of mobile broadband."
Huawei was keen to point to its growing power in standards-essential patents, and imply that some of its current breakthroughs would also find their way into future 3GPP specifications. According to the 3GPP, Huawei has had 265 core specs for LTE or LTE-Advanced approved over the past two years, 20% of the total approvals. That would give the Chinese giant the kind of influence over the next generation of 4G standards to which Ericsson and Qualcomm were accustomed in 3G.


Mar 23, 2012

Everyone in this industry wants to be Hero/Heroine: Takme Buda

Wilson Bikram Rai (also known to many as Takme buda) is an actor/comedian who has got lot of potential in Nepali Film Industry. Though introduced to this field many years ago as a child actor, his movie (first movie with a lead role) "Sayad" is releasing this Baishak. With the comedy acts like Bisexual role in Tito Satya, Takme Buda in Meri Bassai, and this latest act, he has proved he can play any sort of character. Here is how I put the Interview.
 RDMAN: I would like to start this conversation like this..
lakhe hai...sebarau...haina yo manche ta takme buda jasto cha ta hau...ha buda bhaneko ta kasto young jasto po cha hai...
lakhe hai....tapai ko janma kati saal ma bhayeko thyo...19fontain ki 19senten ki kati?
 WILSON: Sebarau.....hahahaha tyo mero 19sintin lakhe lakhe paryo.... (laughs)

RDMAN: How is this character "Takme Buda" created?
WILSON: Especially in east Nepal (purba), people (retired ones) used to go to parties, marriage ceremonies,other functions with the medals attached in their clothes. I used to see them keenly and I have made a character out of it, which is also in my youtube channel "thewilsonbikramshow". Then it was just a story telling character  but later improvised with the real gate up.

RDMAN: So you,yourself, khud, afaile generated this character?
WILSON: Exactly!

RDMAN: You were also popular with the bisexual character in Tito Satya, tell me how it came up?
WILSON: I was actually a chorus dancer before and used to do some caricature as well. I have long story to tell with my struggle, but people they tell "you are so hit overnight" and I don't even bother to tell them all the struggles before. About the character, during my classical dance lessons in Siliguri from my Guru, he was sort of Bisexual with his accent, styles and I used to mock him several times. 
Actually I was meant to do another character in Tito Satya, but due to rain we had to stop for sometime in the shooting spot and I took the pleasure of having fun with the same caricature which clicked director's mind to change the whole written role then. This is how this "hichada" role came up.

RDMAN: You are such a dynamic actor. I am also a fan of yours....have you done any formal acting training? 
WILSON:Thank you for saying that....Nope never for acting. I have taken such for dance but not for acting. May be acting is there in my blood.

RDMAN: How long you are here in this field? When were you introduced to this field?
WILSON: I was introduced to this field as a child actor in the movie "Saathi" starring Rajesh Hamal and a dog. I was given just a closeup shot ( but u could recognise me there). That was my first movie. Then I did another movie "Pardesi" again starring Rajesh Hamal. I was not mentioned anywhere in "Saathi", but I walked 10 days together with the crew for that single shot. I would also like to share a story with it, people in my village (Birtamod,Jhapa) all knew that I acted in a movie, even my 'baba' (father) went with all his friends to watch the movie, but with just a single frame appearance of me, he bit me back home telling even dog has longer role than you, dog was all over the movie and you were there shown just a single time. So he asked me not to play movie later....(laughs)

RDMAN: What was your aim when you were small? 
WILSON: I did not want to be comedian. I wanted to be hero, a lead actor and dancer as well.But here the problem is, people with tiny eyes are not taken as a hero before. Now some wind of change is coming with the mangolian people starring as a lead role like Dayahang Rai, Neema Rumba. So there comes a time in everyone's mind when they want to be hero. Everybody in this industry wants to be hero/heroine (lead actress) but later they turn up doing other things like Director, Story writer, Cameraman, Hair dresser, Beautician etc.

RDMAN: Tell me about your new Movie "Sayad", story, crew?
WILSON: Sayad is about the generation gap that exists between the elder people and the younger ones (+2 level generation). Today all these youngsters are equipped with everything they need, but also they are not in the right track which bothers the elder people. Movie also shows how these youngsters end up in drug addiction and the problem they create in society, family with the theme "what if" that thing was not there, what if I was not there like that. With a very new style and fast pace (not like common Nepali movies), every element in it proves to be a promising movie for young generation.

RDMAN: What about the actors on it?
WILSON: Actor Samyam Puri, son of Director Narayan Puri is in lead role and after that me, Dinesh Rawal, Anita Dahal are there to play the teenagers role. There are other established Senior Artists as well, but not in the lead role.

RDMAN: I have also heard a news that someone from Bollywood has bought the movie to make it in Hindhi and Bangali, tell me details?
WILSON: Yes you are right, He has bought the movie in NRs. 45 lakhs and we are going to act in the hindi, bengai version together with the established Bollywood actors/actresses.

RDMAN: So this movie is gonna be a giant leap for you with three times the opportunity... Congratulations
WILSON: Yes...thank you.

RDMAN: Any new projects coming up besides "Sayad"?
WILSON: I have just completed shooting "Facebook", then will be doing its dubbing. Facebook, a Nepali movie is also different from common Nepali Cinema. I am looking some projects but have not got time to do it now.
RDMAN: What kind of movie you will be looking forward to?
WILSON: I would like to do simple kind of story that is near to real world. That has much realistic sequences in it which makes people believe that this kinda thing may happen in our own surroundings.
RDMAN: What about the kind of role as actor you want to play? Is it comedy acts or ?
WILSON: Its not that I want to do comedy acts only and also play only as a lead role. I will first see the story, then my character. There must be something in my role even as a side role.

RDMAN: Tell me abt your youtube channel. Is that your own Youtube channel? How about making a program of the same name in TV.. I think it works.
WILSON: One friend of mine, Lex Limbu (Popular IT person in Europe) approached me after watching trial show of Sayad. He told me he liked my role as "Korean Farsi". Then he interviewed me as an upcoming actor and discussed about the Nepali movie. I was like doing a comic act just for fun in the interview, then he opened a youtube channel with the name "thewilsonbikramshow' from which i am being known to many.
About TV show, there are some offers from some TV channels and I am also mentally prepared for this. But I am very much busy with current works. I am thinking more of a talk show like "Movers and shakers" by Shekhar Suman with talk show and jokes, caricatures in between. 

RDMAN: Loot and Chapali Height created history in Nepali cinema. Have you watched both?
WILSON: I have watched the movie LOOT but have not got time to see Chapali. It's good that Nepali movies are breaking records, all people in this field are happy of this.

RDMAN: What other things do you do besides your work?
WILSON: Me being an actor, is always looking for a character that people likes. So, its like I am always in hunt of a character.

RDMAN: Do you want yourself to be known as Comedian, OR just an actor who can do any sort of acting?
WILSON: Just as an actor.

RDMAN: How easy is it to make people laugh?
WILSON: For a comedian, it is his/her job to make people laugh. So it's easy for me. But sometimes you feel your feet doing just that. That happened when I was performing in Sixth National Game in front of Our PM (BRB) and whole mass. I had to entertain them without any limitations and I think creativity comes always without bounds but you feel awkward at times. But I survived entertaining people and BRB to the fullest, remixing one joke with sports.

RDMAN: Lets play a small game... I will give you two names. you have to select one of them.
Tito Satya ki Jire Khursani      : Tito Satya
Cricket ki Football:                 : Football
Loot ki Chapali height             : Loot ( its only because I have watched it).
Rekha Thapa ki Namrata Shrestha   : Rekha Thapa.
Rajesh Hamal ki Saugat malla.         : Obviously Rajesh Hamal.
Tulsi ghimire ki Suraj subba.            : Suraj Subba.
Facebook ki Twitter                       : Facebook
Gagan Thapa ki Prakash dahal.         : Gagan Thapa
Local Raksi ki Scotch                     : (Sorry I don't drink).
Hollywood ki Bollywood                 : Bollywood
Udreko choli ki Gunyu Choli.         : Gunyu Choli.

Wow!!! I had loads of fun doing this interview with Takme Buda, Wilson Rai. And I would like to highly acknowledge him for this. It's good that young people are coming with some good movies which he believes, is a turning point in the industry.
Lets promote Nepali Cinema.

Mar 22, 2012

Ghodejatra Myth

Today is Ghode Jatra, an annual Horse Riding Festival in Kathmandu. This festival is marked by a big Horse Parade and acrobats by Nepal Army in Tundikhel, the center of Kathmandu. It is being celebrated from several hundred years on the fourteenth of the dark half of the Chaitra (sometime in March or April). Nepal Government  gives public holiday (only for the valley denizens) in this festival. President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers, High Ranking Officials attend the festival to observe the horse race, stunts, and cultural exhibitions by Nepal Army. Living Goddess, Kumari also make an appearance to witnesses the festival. Many people also accumulate around Tundikhel to enjoy the sporty event. Though I know it is being celebrated from my childhood, I never felt to know the actual myth behind this festival until today.

Legend reveals that this festival was held to celebrate the victory over a devil named Tundi who lived over the ground, today known as Tundikhel (the playing ground of Tundi). Tundi was a terror, which upset Kathmandu people with his devilish acts. It was believed that the clamor of horses foot on Ghode Jatra at Tundikhel keeps the demon's spirit away. As the devil may threaten to ruin the city again, the running of the horses turn out to be an annual horse riding festival and it is followed till date.
I happen to cross Tundikhel just before writing this, where the stage is set to welcome the top political and bureaucratic elites of Nepal.

Mar 20, 2012

Tips on how to perform better in the exam.

Exam fever is on now, as SLC has just started from today and also many others are just around the corner. Exams are the most stressful time for many people. Students are very much worried about the outcome of a whole year/semester feeling high degree of pressure. But if you plan well and study with the plan, you will perform very well. Here are some collected tips for students to perform well in the exam. If you have got anything, please add it in the comments.

 Before the exam:
1) Don't fear or hate exam, Be confident.
2) Plan for a time table for studying.
3) Select proper atmosphere for studying.
4) Sit Straight while Studying.
5) Make notes while studying.
6) Don't be tired, sleep well.
7) Eat regular food with some protein on it.
8) Do short revision (not in the last minute but) some hours before the exam.
9) Check all your instruments, identification card,and put some extra money in your wallet.
10) Jump for four,five times before leaving for exam center that will increase your confidence.
11) Dont be late in the exam.

In the exam hall:
1) Relax to let go all the anxiety.
2) Read all the questions for sometime, and make a plan to balance the exam time.
3) Do the easiest one first.
4) Write according to the weightage of a question.
5) Dont get stuck. Move on.
6) Take a bottle of water in with you..sip it slowly.
7) Common sense works sometimes... go with it.
8) Always explain what you are doing ( assumptions, what some variables represent).
9) Do a revision of what you have written, but don't cross an answer at the very last minute.
10) Never leave an exam early.

Technology Mixup

I came across a picture which was posted without any explanation and I think is quite interesting for all the techno-people. Here is the pic.
I know some of you will be googling the term you don't know, you don't need I am putting here the techno terms. 

Text: Alias SMS
Email: Exchanging information from one to many using a email address,
Cloud: Cloud is an abstract memory space and is also a service that allows user to store data in web.
Skype: Software Application that allows users to communicate with peers by voice, video and message.
Wi-Fi: A wireless technology that allows to exchange data over a computer network. 
Cumolonimbus : Cumulonimbus is a type of cloud that is tall, dense, and usually dark. These clouds form thunderstorms, and can create severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, damaging winds, hail, lightning, and tornadoes.

Hope you all are laughing by now.

Mar 17, 2012

Pushpa Basnet Nominated for CNN heroes 2012

Anuradha Koirala, a social worker from Nepal (the founder and executive director of Maiti Nepal) was awarded CNN Hero in 2010 for her drive against women trafficking to brothels. This year, another social worker Pushpa Basnet from Nepal (the founder of Butterfly Home, and the Early Childhood Development Center) has been nominated for the same.

Here is what CNN has written for her:


Kathmandu, Nepal (CNN) -- Pushpa Basnet doesn't need an alarm clock. Every morning, the sounds of 40 children wake her up in the two-story home she shares with them.
As she helps the children dress for school, Basnet might appear to be a housemother of sorts. But the real story is more complicated.
Pushpa Basnet walking Children to School
All of these children once lived in Nepal's prisons. This 28-year-old woman has saved every one of them from a life behind bars.
According to UNICEF, 55% of the population lives below the international poverty line in Nepal -- so it lacks the social safety net that exists in most Western nations. Space is extremely limited in the few children's homes affiliated with the government.
So when no local guardian is available, an arrested parent often must choose between bringing their children to jail with them or letting them live on the streets. Nepal's Department of Prison Management estimates 80 children live in the nation's prisons.
"It's not fair for (these) children to live in the prison because they haven't done anything wrong," said Basnet, who started a nongovernmental organization to help. "My mission is to make sure no child grows up behind prison walls."
Basnet is one of several in Nepal who have started groups to get children out of prison. Since 2005, she has assisted more than 100 children of incarcerated parents. She runs a day care program for children under 6 and a residential home where mostly older children receive education, food, medical care and a chance to live a more normal life.
Since 2005, Pushpa Basnet has assisted more than 100 children of incarcerated parents.
Since 2005, Pushpa Basnet has assisted more than 100 children of incarcerated parents.

"I had a very fortunate life, with a good education," Basnet said. "I should give it to somebody else."
Basnet was just 21 when she discovered her calling, she said. While her family ran a successful business, she was studying social work in college. As part of her studies, she visited a women's prison and was appalled by the dire conditions. She also was shocked to discover children living behind bars.
One baby girl grabbed Basnet's shawl and gave her a big smile.
"I felt she was calling me," Basnet said. "I went back home and told my parents about it. They told me it was a normal thing and that in a couple of days I'd forget it. But I couldn't forget."
Basnet decided to start a day care to get incarcerated children out from behind the prison walls. While her parents were against the idea at first -- she had no job or way to sustain it financially -- eventually they helped support her. But prison officials, government workers and even some of the imprisoned mothers she approached doubted that someone her age could handle such a project.
"When I started, nobody believed in me," Basnet said. "People thought I was crazy. They laughed at me."
But Basnet was undaunted. She got friends to donate money, and she rented a building in Kathmandu to house her new organization, the Early Childhood Development Center. She furnished it largely by convincing her parents that they needed a new refrigerator or kitchen table; when her parents' replacement would arrive, she'd whisk the old one to her center.
Saved from a life behind bars
Just two months after she first visited the prison, Basnet began to care for five children. She picked them up at the prison every weekday morning, brought them to her center and then returned them in the afternoon. Basnet's program was the first of its kind in Kathmandu; when she started, some of the children in her care had never been outside a prison.
Two years later, Basnet established the Butterfly Home, a children's home where she herself has lived for the past five years. While she now has a few staff members who help her, Basnet is still very hands on.
"We do cooking, washing, shopping," she said. "It's amazing, I never get tired. (The children) give me the energy. ... The smiles of my children keep me motivated."
Coordinating all of this is no easy task. But at the Butterfly Home, the older kids help care for the younger ones and everyone pitches in with household chores. The atmosphere feels like an extremely large family, a feeling that's fostered by Basnet, who smothers the children with love. The children reciprocate by calling her "Mamu," which means "Mommy."
"I don't ever get a day off, but if I [didn't] have the children around me, it would be hard," she said. "When I'm with them, I'm happy."
All the children are at the Butterfly Home with the consent of the imprisoned parent. When Basnet hears about an imprisoned child, she'll visit the prison -- even in remote areas of the country -- and tell the parent what she can provide. If the parent agrees, Basnet brings the child back.
She is still eager, however, for the children to maintain relationships with their parents. During school holidays, she sends the younger children to the prisons to visit, and she brings them food, clothing and fresh water during their stay. Ultimately, Basnet wants the families to reunite outside prison, and 60 of her children have been able to do just that.

Parents like Kum Maya Tamang are grateful for Basnet's efforts. Tamang has spent the last seven years in a women's prison in Kathmandu. When she was convicted on drug charges, she had no other options for child care, so she brought her two daughters to jail with her. When she heard about Basnet's program, she decided to let them go live with her.
"If Pushpa wasn't around, (they) could have never gotten an education ... (they) would have probably had to live on the streets," she said. "I feel she treats (them) the way I would."
Tamang's oldest daughter, Laxmi, said she can't imagine life without Basnet.
"My life would have been dark without her," said Laxmi, 14. "I would've probably always had a sad life. But now I won't, because of Pushpa."
In 2009, Basnet started a program to teach the parents how to make handicrafts, which she sells to raise money for the children's care. Both mothers and fathers participate. It not only gives them skills that might help them support themselves when they're released, but it also helps them feel connected to their children.
"Often, they think that they're useless because they're in prison," Basnet said. "I want to make them feel that they are contributing back to us."
Making ends meet is always a struggle, though. The children help by making greeting cards that Basnet sells as part of her handicraft business. In the past, she has sold her own jewelry and possessions to keep the center going.
Her biggest concern is trying to find ways to do more to give the children a better future. She recently set up a bank account to save for their higher educations, and one day she hopes to buy or build a house so they'll always have a place to call home. Their happiness is always foremost in her thoughts.
"This is what I want to do with my life," she said. "It makes me feel (good) when I see that they are happy, but it makes me want to work harder. ... I want to fulfill all their dreams."
Want to get involved? Check out the Early Childhood Development Center website at and see how to help.

Chapali Height Review.

Chapali Height is based on a plot where a couple(Bini and Amir) flees from Pokhara to stay at Amir's friend (Raj)'s home situated at Chapali (a village in north side of Kathmandu) and confusing sexual chemistry rolls in, which leads to a thrilling turn. Besides that no more thing to tell, otherwise the full story will be out. Movie is a mix of physical and little less adventurous ride that misses to mingle along, but the movie has something in entertaining people (not me though). This could only be done when the Director/Producers think and put sequences with the viewers on their mind. Erotic scenes, Beep words, thrilling sequences, and some funny dialogues...all are there to amuse/arouse you.
Chapali Height 1
Technically, presentation style is ok with whole lot of isometric views and repeated ticking sound but misses a good background score in the thrilling sequences.  As much of the movie is shot in dark, light reflections has been done wonderfully but lacks the clearness that  you expect from New Digital tech Cinema. The movie takes the normal flow of plot besides some flashing sequences. Bini's character done by debutant Actress Beenita Baral shadows Actor duo, Amir Gautam and Raj Ghimire both being debutant. Full of slips, weird acting, shouting dialogues and confused theme won't stop people to go to watch the cinema. So is it early to say another big hit in Nepali Film industry after LOOT ? I say no.
Chapali Height 2
Today I know why Beenita was so confident in Chapali Height that it's gonna win the heart of Nepali youths. The movie has the tickling power to grab the woos of young mind. Three characters, night party, Sexual sequences, Boozing, Puking, SMS's, threesome, thrill action, beep dialogues all have equal weight in making the movie a hit. Especially teenagers were really loving the movie with a single reaction....superb. Though other people were also there to add "bakwash". It is also worth mentioning for a adult certified movie to have such beeps and sexual content but its of no use unless the gatekeepers in Cinema-hall checks people's age. I would also like to add that a rocking song is missing in the movie other than Sabin Rai's title track which could have added much more excitement in the people.

I am sure with two movies being superhit in a row and both having lot of beeps (partly replacing f words), there will be a domino effect in many movies to come thinking it as a formula for a hit film.

Mar 16, 2012

Revolution is here

Revolution is here people. I am not talking about the bloody or fake revolution. Revolution here is about the first ever radio in the internet cloud from Nepal. RVL radio (abbr. Revolution Radio) is what they have named it. And the people involved in it are the very own popular RJ duo......Ashish and Prasan a.k.a Rhythm Brothers.

First Revolution in radio started back in 1995 with a single FM Station Kathmandu Fm aired at 100 MHz, and people were crazy about the station with present day popular stations like HITS FM, Kantipur Fm, Classic Fm, Image Fm all aired in one buying slots from Radio Nepal. I remember my sister used to carry a small Radio set where-ever she went.And the Fm radio market grew pretty large in a decade. Now with the proliferation of Fm in Nepal, Radio market is quite saturated, and people are also confused which one to listen to. I just scanned FM stations in my mobile (after a long time) and found 14 Fm stations in my place.There are also many genres of radios like news, music, movies, regional, community radios and so on. But here is one radio with something different from the usual. So it's called Revolution Radio, new revolution in Nepali radio. It is an internet based radio that provides different genres of music like Dance, Pop, Nepali Adhunik,  Nepali folk, Metal, and Blues. Now they have also expanded their radio with the airing of live shows from their studio at Moksh. RJ Sumeet, Ashish,Prasan, Samriddhi, CHARI, Manoj, Yanik and Dj Phucchey are ready to host the shows every 7-11 morning and night.
RVL radio is powered by SUBISU Cablenet, their internet provider, and the Partners being The Himalayan Times, Kathmandu Conservatory, AGNI Incorporated Pvt. LTD as mentioned in their website (
I have been glued to this radio from 2, 3 days being tickled by the introduction Video to the Team Revolution posted today in the morning. Here is the video. 

Mar 15, 2012

Fingers crossed for Chapali, limitless for hollywood: Beenita

I wanted to interview actor/actress from Nepal but was in dilemma where to start with. Today I got a break to interview Beenita Baral, actress from the movie "Chapali Height" that is going to release from tomorrow. Let's go Straight to the Interview.

Rdman: "Chapali height" is creating a lot of hype here, why do you think it has gained so much popularity? What do you think that's in the movie which makes it go straight to win Nepalese heart?
Beenita: The reason behind Chapali Height popularity is the strong content/subject of the movie and the sensitive issue of sexual psychology which has never been used in Nepali film industry. Also the controversies that came along with the movie, adds up the heat. And the recent turning of the trend in Nepali movie puts "Chapali height" favorite among the targeted adult audience and this movie is a portrayal of current Nepali youth status mind. Hence I am sure it's gonna win the heart of Nepali adult audience.

Rdman: People say the controversy created with you being nude in the movie poster is a complete set-up. Do you agree. what do you have to say to them?
Beenita: People always tell things easily. But people should think why a person puts his/her personal and professional life in risk to get that attention. So-called topless controversy could have created limbo in my personal and professional life. But somehow I managed it for good.

Rdman: This is your first movie and you are getting a lot of attention in Nepali Film Industry now. What kind of cinema you will be looking for the next project before any response from Chapali Height?
Beenita: I am reading some scripts but I am not going to sign any project before feedback from Chapali height hits my ear which will drive me to go right way in  my career. Though I am very unknown of what kind of movie and character will that be, I am sure I am gonna do challenging work and something different from the usual way.

Rdman: What do you think is the main thing for a film to be a hit?
Beenita: Main thing is the content/subject of the movie which is the base of a movie. Another thing is presentation which has to go with the living standard, thinking style and the technological advancement in people. People want new concept/logic in a movie which they expect to be like the one from Foreign movies. Though We wont be able to meet all the advancements like them, creativity counts and people love creative works in cinema.

Rdman: How often do you watch foreign movies(Hollywood, Bollywood)?
Beenita: I watch movies a lot. I am a genuine viewer of Nepali cinema and I am too updated with the latest foreign movies.

Rdman: What do you have to say for the poster copied from the Hollywood movie "Basic Instinct".
Beenita: We have already admitted the copy and this is done intentionally. Being an actress, my part is to do good with my performance, so it would be better if you ask director or producer.

Rdman:Which is your favorite Nepali film of all time?
Beenita: Mmmmmm.....Loot is my favorite

Rdman: That was supposed to be my next question (laughs)...but anyways I put it here.
Have you watched the movie LOOT. Why do you think it became a super duper hit?
Beenita: Obviously everyone has watched it, and how could I be different.
Different presentation, style, enthusiastic and energetic new generation in the movie made it go a superduper hit. Everyone has done their job perfectly in LOOT like Director, Actors don't have a single flaw in it. Also It has shown reality with the thug styles and dialogues in the movie. That's why Loot is the best.

Rdman: Who is your favorite actor actress of all time?
Beenita: Everybody has done great job in Nepali Movies. So all are my favorites. I won't be biased to name just one or two.

Rdman: What about actor/actress from foreign movie land?
Beenita: Vidya Balan is my favorite actress from Bollywood.

Rdman: Did you watch the silent movie "The Artist" that won 5 Oscars this year?
Beenita: No I haven't got time to watch the movie, but I know it has won such prestigious award. I am gonna watch it for sure.

Rdman: I think "Sani Sani" Music video has made you come this long, tell me something about it and Are you going to do other music videos in near future?
Beenita: Yes "Sani Sani" Video has established me in modeling. That time I was known by the tag "Sani girl", and now I am being known with the name "Chapali Girl". I am happy that I am able to put all myself in the character such that people call me with my works.
And regarding music videos, I will be doing more of movies than music videos,(I guess)
Beenita Baral

Rdman: Would you go nude in a Hollywood movie (if offered)?
Beenita: If I can go out of bounds to do a movie like such here in Nepal, then for a Hollywood offer (being a dream come true to many) I would go limitless to justify my character.

Rdman: So this wraps up my questions. Thank you so much for giving me time from your busy schedule. Some last words about your movie releasing tomorrow. And hope everything works out tomorrow, wish for the best.
Beenita: I have tried my best to put up new things in the movie along with all youngster crew. So I request all people to watch, do the analysis, and give feedback/comments so that it will help us (emerging actors) and our very own industry grow.

Mar 14, 2012

Detecon in Nepal Telecom

A subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom,and a global telecom consulting firm Detecon International has been awarded the consultant service for 10 Million GSM Project in Nepal Telecom. With this appointment, Detecon is now responsible for the supervision and quality assurance of this new project. Detecon will also eye on the project implementation by Chinese Vendor Huawei as per the complied specification and the MOU reached between the two. This is the very first time that the state owned number one company is bringing a Consultant to supervise a project.
Detecon to supervise NT GSM Project: NT Tower
There has been a huge disappointment in the previous project implementation and quality assurance in NT. Hence this consultant hiring may smooth-en the implementation process and result in a good quality network throughout the nation.

LTE Advanced Roaming

Last week a new apple product was out in the market, the first one from the giant apple with LTE enabled on it. If you are in US, then you can access the 4G LTE from AT&T and Verizon from this gadget, Otherwise this 4G LTE enabling is of no use for you. Problem lies in the frequency of operation of this device to be at 700 MHz and 2100 MHz which is predominantly used in USA and Canada. But for Europe and Asia, where the frequency of 4G LTE is different like 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2600 MHz, this new Apple product has to rely on 3G or Wi-fi for broadband access and data roaming. This is of a big concern for the roaming feature to be available universally in all the networks. The unavailability of enough spectrum in same frequency all around the world hinders the universality among wireless carriers, though they are using the same technology. Thats a bigger crunch for the UE vendors to manufacture a device that can operate in all operators but with affordable price, which is a mission impossible thing for now to put 6 bands of operating frequency in a single device. A frequency spectrum in America for LTE is being used for television broadcasting in Europe, Africa and used for 3G in Asia or some other technology in other country. So It's high time global Telecommunication body like ITU (International Telecommunication Union) act on it for the global frequency re-farming for the broad acceptance of UE and new technology.

P.S: Huge expectations are in iPhone 5 that is believed to cater the universal access of LTE all around the world. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Mar 13, 2012

Nepal is in 16th century!!! : Graham Roberts.

Yesterday I joined a Facebook page named "Graham Roberts, Please Come Back!! Nepali Football Needs You", having a little hope he would come back or new contract would be signed after the shameful exit from AFC challenge Cup happening in Kathmandu. But today I am reading his leaving remarks, from which we can imagine how frustrated he is from the situation here in our country. Read the full leaving note below.
Picture taken from the Facebook page
"This was my last match as the coach. It’s a great pleasure to be the coach of this beautiful nation—Nepal. I have enjoyed thoroughly while managing this team. I would like to thank ANFA President, ANFA officials my good friend, Krishna Manandhar for their support. I would like to thank supporters who are the best in the world. All the Nepalese supporters should be proud of this team. I am also thankful to all those who were with me in the good and bad times.I enjoyed each moments here in Nepal. I wish for the bright future of Nepali football. Today in the morning, my two players were not there. They were kidnapped by the Army. This is so sad. Raju Tamang and Bikash Malla were forced to pull off from the AFC Challenge Cup by them. They were told to face the Cort-martial if they hadn't gone along. I believed we are in 21st Century, not in 16th century. I am very much saddened by this incident. Nepalese life goes like this. They are Army, so their life is. In other countries, Football always remains Football. But here, they are army even in Football ground. And Army is very powerful here in Nepal".

Graham Roberts in Nepali National Attire.
 I wonder if that means Nepal is in 16th century which was written in a National daily news,

Source: Nagarik News

Mar 11, 2012

Nepal Telecom to deliver high speed Internet service through WiMax.

Nepal Telecom is all set to start the work of 4G WiMax project with a US based Company named Airspan. After receiving the Spectrum in 2.3 GHz by NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) without any trouble last year, and this current contract with Airspan, NT will deliver high speed wireless data services throughout Nepal within a year. Four Telecom Vendors ZTE, Huawei, Airspan and PointRed vied for executing this project, out of which Airspan won the competition to roll out the 780 million Rs Project to all municipalities and VDCs. This project will be separated into two parts, one towards the west covering 1,923 VDCs and 24 municipalities, another in the west covering 2,092 VDCs and 34 municipalities.
NT has also planned to provide at least 256 kbps of data speed (uplink and downlink) to its customers in remote and city areas.Currently NT has ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscribers line), WCDMA (Wideband CDMA), EVDO (Evolution Data Only), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), PDSN (Packet Data Serving Node) technologies to provide internet service to its customers.

WiMax is a wireless broadband access technology for delivering high speed internet to a Wide Area, offering maximum throughput of 75 Mbps. Though the concept of using base station and the core part to deliver the service is same, it is taken as completely different to the existing cellular technology used for mobile communication. Currently, WiMax is battling out with another 4G technology LTE Advanced to be the superior technology for delivering high Speed Internet but none of them is the winner till now.

What is Kony 2012? [video]

What is KONY 2012?

  • KONY 2012 – a documentary about Ugandan warlord

  • Film aims to create awareness and bring him to justice

  • Cashing in? Expert fears “giving money won’t help”

      KONY 2012 filmmaker Jason Russell first met Jacob when he visited Uganda in 2003
    Kony 2012 is a film created by Invisible Children, Inc. which became a viral video.The film’s purpose is to promote the charity’s ‘Stop Kony’ movement to make indicted Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony internationally known in order to arrest him in 2012.
    The film has spread virally.As of 9 March 2012, the film currently has over 14.4 million views on Vimeo,and over 55 million views on video-sharing website YouTube, with other viewing emanating from a central “Kony2012″ website operated by Invisible Children. The intense exposure of the video caused the “Kony 2012″ website to crash shortly after it began gaining widespread popularity.[12] The video has also seen a number of celebrities endorsing the campaign including Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Christina Milian, Nicki Minaj, Bill Gates and Kim Kardashian.On April 20, 2012, as part of the campaign, supporters will put up posters promoting Kony 2012 in their home towns. Invisible Children offers posters from an online shop in an attempt to gain wider recognition on the issue. They have also created action kits that include campaign buttons, posters, bracelets, and stickers to help spread awareness.
    Directed byJason Russell
    Produced byKimmy Vandivort
    Heather Longerbeam
    Chad Clendinen
    Noelle Jouglet
    Written byJason Russell
    Jedidiah Jenkins
    Kathryn Lang
    Danica Russell
    Ben Keesey
    Azy Groth
    Narrated byJason Russell
    CinematographyJason Russell
    Bobby Bailey
    Laren Poole
    Gavin Kelly
    Chad Clendinen
    Kevin Trout
    Jay Salbert, Shannon Lynch
    Editing byKevin Trout
    Jay Salbert
    Jesse Eslinger
    Distributed byInvisible Children Inc.
    Release date(s)March 5, 2012 (internet)
    Running time30 minutes
    CountryUnited States

    Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord Resistance Movement

    The Lord’s Resistance army leader, Joseph Kony, pictured in 2006. Photograph: Stuart Price/AP

    Watch kony 2012 video on youtube:



Mar 10, 2012

Cricket and Football Pictures

For the cricket and football story., go to my previous blog.