SAFF 2013 pictures

Here are some pictures during Nepals game in SAFF championship 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4- the most innovative phone

With all those features, I am sure this is gonna be an iPhone Killer and speculate new innovations and censor controls in new smartphones to come.

Top Ten unbelievable incidents in Narayan Gopal's Life.

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal's name needs no introduction to all the Nepali out there. A legend in the Modern Music's first generation (Adhunik Geet yug) was borned today, (Oct 4) in the year 1939. Marking his birth anniversary, I am here to post top ten unknown incidents in his life (taken from film maker/writer Prakash Sayami).

Top Ten Movies of all time

I always want to read top tens in everything until now that I have started writing top ten stuffs in my blog.In this post, I am putting my own best Movies of all time. These movies are not only in the top of my favorite lists, but also are the greatest movies of all time in the history of Cinema.

CG to enter into telecom sector

Chaudhary Group, one of the biggest business house of Nepal (popular for electronic products and food/beverages) is all set to enter the telecom market with the brand name CG tel.

Nov 28, 2013

Court Martial in pictures.

Court Martial- a play with a trial of an army man for murder, is being shown at Theatre Village, Uttar Dokha, Lazimpat from November 23rd to Dec 2 and Dec 9 to Dec 22, 2013. The play originally written by Indian writer Swadesh Deepak and directed here by Anup Baral, presents social injustice for a lower caste and low ranked army person. With such genuine content and stunning performances from actors like Superstar Rajesh Hamal, Deeya Maskey, Subash Thapa, Dayahang Rai, Karma Amrak, B.S Rana; the play provides lasting impression to the audience. After watching the show, I firmly believe I will be going one more time to have more closer view without any camera by my side. Here are some pictures taken from the play.
Rajesh Hamal in Court Martial

Deeya Maskey picture in Court Martial

Subash Thapa and Dayahang Rai in Court Martial

Rajesh Hamal as Brigader Rupak Singh

B S Rana and Rajesh Hamal in Court Martial

Deeya Maskey caught awkward in Court Martial

Subash Thapa in Court Martial
Dayahang Rai in Court Martial

Karma Amrak in Court Martial

Nov 27, 2013

Nepal qualifies for World Cup T20 2014 (Bangladesh).

It is a very joyful, splendid and glorious moment for a person to have their country selected for a World cup tournament and that happened today for our country Nepal being qualified for world twenty20 cricket 2014 (to be held in Bangladesh). Nepal after emerging third in Group B met Hongkong (second in Group A) in the first Playoff match where the winner directly gets the ticket to Bangladesh. In such a crucial match for the world cup qualification, Nepal beat Hongkong by 5 wickets in the very last ball. The game turned out to be very thrilling as we had to score 13 runs from the last over, but Sharad Vesawkar smashed a six and a four in the first two balls of that over making the win possible. Skipper Paras Khadka was declared man of the match, scoring 46 runs from 39 balls and the credit even goes to Gyanendra Malla (30 runs) and Jitendra Mukhiya (for taking 3 wickets). In fact, all of Nepalese Cricket Team played well to have this dream come true despite some weakness and lagging. And the biggest gratitude will be towards coach Pubudu Dassanayake, for his excellent training and implanting the confidence in our boys for the international match.
Now I believe our Cricket Team will go way up with this qualification and someday we will lift the World cup trophy. Even one day (ODI) qualification is lined up, hope we will do better in that tournament too. This is just a kick off for our existence in the International sports tournaments.
We, all nepali are proud of our cricket team players and coach, they deserve a big welcome back to Kathmandu, apart from some financial rewards from the government. I will be there if I know the exact time of their arrival. Are you gonna be there??
Nepali Cricket Team in presentation program.

Pubudu Dassanayake: Nepali cricket Team's Coach.

Nov 22, 2013

Kathmandu election result: all candidates, all votes, all constituencies

Election commission has revealed all the results of constituencies in Kathmandu. This morning- November 22 (Mangsir 7): two days after holding the election, Kathmandu-3 result was out where former PM and UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal got landside victory. Out of 10 constituencies, Nepali Congress (NC) secured 7 win whereas UML got 3 win. UCPNM (party that waged a decade long insurgency), the largest party in the previous constituent assembly which had got 4 seats in the previous CA from KTM, resulted nil in this second election for CA, including the defeat of their supremo: Prachanda from KTM 10. NC leader Rajan KC turned out to be the winner by huge margin in KTM 10 where Puspa Kamal Dahal was in third position, lower than UML. 

Nov 19, 2013

My prediction of election result in Kathmandu.

The second election for the constituent assembly is held today peacefully regardless of some minor incidents throughout the country: thanks to the security forces, Election commission and the governments zero tolerance for the strike organized by Baidhya Maoists & 33 party alliance. We, people now have a big question to Baidhya and his alliance regarding the bomb blasts, casualties and the injured-> what have we got from the 10 days strike and what have you gained??
Now that the election commission has announced the huge turnout (70% plus) of people in today's election and the ballot boxes are in the way to be accumulated, we all are now eager to know when the vote count starts and the results. For all constituencies of Kathmandu, the vote count is known to start from 8 am
tomorrow at previous Constituent assembly premises: New Baneshwor where ballot boxes from about 500 (out of 700) booths have already been accumulated so far and others be made available till midnight. The results may be out till the midnight tomorrow or in the wee hours, but I cannot resist myself from posting the prediction of the election results for all 10 constituencies of Kathmandu. Here is my prediction of the winning candidates in KTM.
KTM 1: Prakash Man Singh (NC).
KTM 2: Madhav Kumar Nepal (UML)
KTM 3: Rameshwor Phuyal (UML).
KTM 4: Gagan Thapa (NC).
KTM 5: Narhari Acharya (NC).
KTM 6: Bhimsen Das Pradhan (NC) over Yogesh Bhattarai by close margin.
KTM 7: Hisila Yami (UCPNM).
KTM 8: Nabindra Raj Joshi (NC).
KTM 9: Dhyan Gobinda Ranjit (NC) over Krishna Gopal (UML).
KTM 10: Rajan KC (NC) over Prachanda.
With the party's split, Prachanda's crooked behav and the latest audio tape, people believe it is hard for Prachanda to regain the seat in KTM constituency 10 but I m dubious as they must have used all of their resources to elect their supremo, which for such communist party, that means a lot that they would not care all other constituencies for their Chairman's winning. If he or his party looses significantly, his obvious remarks will be: Deshi Bideshi reactionkari, pratigamankari haru ko shadhyantra le hamilai haraye aba yo shadyantra lai chirna, sade tesro (3.5) jana andolan ko khacho cha. :P

Disclaimer: It is solely based on my intuition and from what I had conversed with people around Kathmandu.

Here is the summary of my prediction in Kathmandu.

Party Seats in KTM
NC 6 or 7
UML 2 or 3
UCPNM 1 or 2.

Nov 9, 2013

Nagi Gumba (Budhanilkantha) Hiking (with photos).

As soon as I walked almost half of the Dipankha Yatra (60 km nonstop walking around Kathmandu and Lalitpur), I wanted to embark on a hike around Kathmandu but was set back by some regular works and the Dashain/Tihar festival. Now that the festivals are over and the hiking season is also ON, I called Basu, Kiran and Dinesh for the Hike above Budhanilkantha (north side of Kathmandu) which I was not sure about the destination though I have heard of a Gumba in that area. 
With the last minute calling and no any planning, my friends (fond of accidental travelling) agreed to get going. At around 2:45 Pm, we started walking from the Shivpuri-Nagarjun National Park gate. You could also start your journey from Budhanilkantha temple but as we started late and had to come back home, we rode our bike to the national park gate and started strolling from there after taking 10 rupees ticket. Asking some queries with the army in ticket counter, we decided to set Nangki or Naagi or Nangi Gumba as  the destination for the trip. Reminiscing memories of our previous accidental travel and cracking jokes, we enjoyed the walk with the nature. Contradicting our thoughts that we would only be there to walk such late, six guys were seen walking rapidly and later found going towards Bagh dwar- the originating point of sacred Bagmati river, which is around 2 hours walking according to them. 
After having short talk with them, I wanted to change the walk route to Baghdwar as I have been longing to walk more and I knew Basu and Kiran would surely agree. Even if Dinesh had to come back for his some works and we had our bike down the national park gate, we took the staircases to Baghdwar- assuming Gumba is also in the way, actually which is not. We even misled two other persons who were actually heading to Gumba. We kept on walking up the staircases but we did not see any Gumba nor we get a sense of reaching Baghdwar soon. After nearly an hour of walking, we saw the two people (which we misled before) coming back from above as they did not find any Gumba above. With that, we knew Gumba is not in the way towards Baghdwar and if we continue walking towards Baghdwar, we have to stay there as it was already 4:30 pm and the security concern of our bike down the gate, made us come down and took another way towards Gumba- which had cemented staircases.
During the walk, we had a taste of some fruits like Mayel, Katus, and Pani Amala: all Nepali names. Mayel also known as Sano Naspati, tasted lil acrid that made us eat some peanuts (that I have carried in my camera bag- the only food we have carried, even without water). Basu had never heard of that Mayel fruit which he took out by climbing its tree but he was the one who picked Katus and Pani Amala for us. Katus ( the wild nuts) were found in the ground for which we need to remove the thorny cover to get the nuts. Basu even picked out small plants from the ground with its roots, for Paani Amala ( underground fruit like Amala) which tasted like water and quenched our thirst as we had not even carried water with us.
When we reached Naagi Gumba, sunset was about to happen. We even felt lucky for the pattern cloud in the sky, and photographed the amazing landscapes. The only thing that was missing was the view of the whole Kathmandu city from such a high altitude, which was due to the fog present in the lower part of the sky. We even took turns to take picture of our self with the pattern cloud and the sunset. After gazing and photographing the beautiful landscapes for half an hour, we started having a look towards Gumba. As it was already dark and people warning for possible Army mistreat for going late, we only had sometime to eat some food: Chauchau, Lays and juice from the shop available there. 
Going down, I asked a Nun about the meaning of the Naagi: the name of the Gumba. She corrected me as the real name was Nangki Gumba which means the place where the God lives. It was already six thirty and we were walking straight down the darkness. As we reached the place where we took the stairs up to Baghdwar, we found a vehicle and he was very generous to give us a lift down the gate. We were even told that it is dangerous to walk the dark in such night time. 
Who knows what we would have encountered there if we had not found that vehicle or that generous driver. But I was ready to photograph the adventure though :P

Four of us starting the Hike.
Here are some photos from the Hike.
Hike routes and Info: Naagi Gumba, Baghdwar to Sundarijal.