Nov 19, 2013

My prediction of election result in Kathmandu.

The second election for the constituent assembly is held today peacefully regardless of some minor incidents throughout the country: thanks to the security forces, Election commission and the governments zero tolerance for the strike organized by Baidhya Maoists & 33 party alliance. We, people now have a big question to Baidhya and his alliance regarding the bomb blasts, casualties and the injured-> what have we got from the 10 days strike and what have you gained??
Now that the election commission has announced the huge turnout (70% plus) of people in today's election and the ballot boxes are in the way to be accumulated, we all are now eager to know when the vote count starts and the results. For all constituencies of Kathmandu, the vote count is known to start from 8 am
tomorrow at previous Constituent assembly premises: New Baneshwor where ballot boxes from about 500 (out of 700) booths have already been accumulated so far and others be made available till midnight. The results may be out till the midnight tomorrow or in the wee hours, but I cannot resist myself from posting the prediction of the election results for all 10 constituencies of Kathmandu. Here is my prediction of the winning candidates in KTM.
KTM 1: Prakash Man Singh (NC).
KTM 2: Madhav Kumar Nepal (UML)
KTM 3: Rameshwor Phuyal (UML).
KTM 4: Gagan Thapa (NC).
KTM 5: Narhari Acharya (NC).
KTM 6: Bhimsen Das Pradhan (NC) over Yogesh Bhattarai by close margin.
KTM 7: Hisila Yami (UCPNM).
KTM 8: Nabindra Raj Joshi (NC).
KTM 9: Dhyan Gobinda Ranjit (NC) over Krishna Gopal (UML).
KTM 10: Rajan KC (NC) over Prachanda.
With the party's split, Prachanda's crooked behav and the latest audio tape, people believe it is hard for Prachanda to regain the seat in KTM constituency 10 but I m dubious as they must have used all of their resources to elect their supremo, which for such communist party, that means a lot that they would not care all other constituencies for their Chairman's winning. If he or his party looses significantly, his obvious remarks will be: Deshi Bideshi reactionkari, pratigamankari haru ko shadhyantra le hamilai haraye aba yo shadyantra lai chirna, sade tesro (3.5) jana andolan ko khacho cha. :P

Disclaimer: It is solely based on my intuition and from what I had conversed with people around Kathmandu.

Here is the summary of my prediction in Kathmandu.

Party Seats in KTM
NC 6 or 7
UML 2 or 3
UCPNM 1 or 2.


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