Sep 22, 2015

Woda no 6 Movie review

More than "Halka Ramailo"

Sep 22, 2015:  Woda No. 6 is a story of five friends in ward number 6 village of Nuwakot during the Maoists insurgency period and their consequences after the peace accord. The movie tells the story in a comedy manner showing how disparities, economic divide and discrimination fuels the rise of "Mausuli" (Maoists) in the village and its the impact on the society. Among the five, one is a son of tailor: shown as "lower caste", second: the drunkard Daya, third: the juwade Magne, fourth: the bachelor having a problem with eye sight & marriage and the graduate Deep. The four illiterate have no other option to loiter other than playing cards or be drunk. All of them end up joining Maoists rebel group, either for taking revenge or due to Deeps clash with Kaji family (the elite in the Village). Movie even gets funnier in the Maoists camp and the training. The "Krantikari" love letter from Magne and Radio news broadcast in phone by Daya are more hilarious. Movie sounds a little vulgar in some parts whereas for a comedy with PG certificate, it is acceptable.
Even though most of the actors are originally from comedy TV serials, director Ujjwal Ghimire has managed to make them sound not too loud. The comedy faces, run and chase in the field are not found to the extent as found in the TV serials and are not the primary comic stunts. Directors managed the producers (as most of the actors are also the producer of the movie) not to be loud in the movie and made the plots/sequences look lively rather than the "Joker" like comedy.
Among the actors, Deepak raj Giri, Jitu Nepal, Kedar Ghimire, Sitaram Kattel, Rajaram Poudel are from TV whereas Priyanka karki, Dayanhang Rai, Nir Shah are from the main stream movies. To me, all of the actors have given their best whereas for Dayahang, I expected some major role which was missing and I felt he is not utilized to the full. But for a movie with such huge star casts, the unbalance of actors is quite evident. Film's hype would have been different but not the movie without Dayahang.

If I compare it with their former venture, the movie is way better than "Cha Ekan Cha" which was also successful business wise but critics had a different view. I am sure Wada no Cha will definitely break the records and will occupy more weeks in the screens. Dialogue delivery and the cinematic feel are far improved than "Cha Ekan Cha". But the film also could not get rid of old formula for having climax fight in the end whose length was too boring at least to me. 

Luckily, I happen to watch the movie with two prominent leaders, along with the movie crews at QFX Kumari. One was Minister for information and communication who was the host for the official ceremony to welcome new constitution at Tudikhel and the other being former prime minister who had expressed his discontent over the formation of new constitution (over some agitation) and boycotted the welcome program. Both of them applauded the movie and wished for more success in the history of Nepali cinema.

Movie is successful in entertaining people even with the serious issue of Maoists insurgency, its impact on the society & innocent villagers, and the consequences after peace accord. Though the movie did not take any side for or against the war but there are some lines that express the discontent in the rebels like "Tauko Katera Kranti hudaina" (There won't be revolution with beheading a person). Movie gets emotional at times, asking people to think of the reason behind the social disparities. With the perfection of script and dialogues, I bet if the dialogues are either written for the actors in their mind or be improvised later to suit the actors. Abhimanyu Nirabi deserves big salute for the script.
Cinematography by Deepak Bajracharya boosts the overall viewing experience and the feeling for a nice movie. About the location: the glittering mountains and flora in the backdrop are really fascinating. The songs: the"Wahiyat" song and another folk tune "Surkhe Thaili" are also worth listening. As the movie is more than halka ramailo, it is definitely setting a record in terms of success. Word of mouth is trending high on social medias and is providing more favor to the team for further success. I would also like to recommend highly to watch it in theaters other than wait for the movie to be uploaded in Youtube.

As the movie success is being measured in the no of turnouts during the strike, I have this random thought that Nepali movie will prosper high if two days holidays be given, unlike the single Saturday holiday. Not only movie, other industry will also boom with the two days holiday. So I conclude two days holiday be given for film development or else India's pending decision to block their films to Nepal will also do a big favor. #HalkaRamailo: Just to end on a funny note for such comedy movie review.


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