Sep 1, 2013

Nepal Vs Bangladesh in pictures: SAFF Championship 2013

Host Nepal beat Bangladesh (2-0) in the first match of SAFF championship 2013, held in Dasarath Rangashala Stadium. The stadium was full packed with 20,000 roaring crowd, almost all home supporters and the crowd had all reasons to say it loud... Nepal! Nepal!! Nepal!! Nepal missed some golden chances that could have made the score at least four but we have improved a lot in passing and so far it was a very good game from our boys. With such game, I am confident that we will reach the finals and get the title in our hands.
Being a bit farther from the field, I captured some other stories like face paints, taking picture in the stadium, Nepalese condom culture, Nepalese wave, score display and the stadium itself.
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A girl with Nepali flag paint in her cheek.

Taking a video with mobile in the stadium.

Half Nude Nepali supporter.

Nepali Condom culture: you always see one in such big crowd.

Pointing sthing in the crowd.

Stadium from army officers club.

A guy with nepali flag face paint.

Nepali flag face paint.

Katti Miss garya!!!! dui ta bhayo taipani!!

Nepal and Bangladesh team line up for their anthem.

Crowd symmetry!!

Panoramic view of full packed stadium.

Photographers take position for the shoot.

People silhouette and the score display in the backdrop.

Taking picture with Nepali flag.

Taking picture with Nepali Flag.
 Note: All pictures are my copyright. Please contact me if you want to use these pictures.


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