Dec 4, 2013

Chauka Chakka hanincha World cup khelincha: Nepali cricket team victory rally in Kathmandu

There were news regarding the huge crowd in the airport to welcome Nepali Cricket team back to their country, after their world cup t20 qualification in UAE. It was known that the crowd loudly chanted, "chaukka chakka hanincha world cup khelincha"( we will hit 4s 6s in the world cup play), but I missed taking video as I was not there. Today there was the procession of Nepali cricket team in Kathmandu, which I met accidentally during my office work and stopped to take the video of the victory rally. 
Lets hope our boys will play up to the mark to reach Super 10 of World T20 Cricket, where we will be able to compete with biggest teams like India, Australia, Pakistan, Srilanka.
Here is the video of the Nepali cricket team victory rally in Youtube, where people chanted the same slogan.


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