May 13, 2017

Whom to vote in Local Election 2074?

Three levels of elections are going to happen in Nepal as per the implementation of New Constitution of Nepal 2073. The first phase of Local Election is happening tomorrow from 7 am to 5 pm in 3 states of Nepal. Ballot for this local level election is also on paper, where we should put the swastika stamp on. I wonder when will Nepal adopt electronic voting on large scale for National elections.Talking about this Local election happening after 2 decades, people are so excited that the election turnout is known to be very high.
There are seven position to vote for this local election, either in Village bodies or Municipalities.They are: Mayor or Village Chairman, Deputy Mayor or Deputy Chairman of Village, Ward Chairman, Women Ward member, Dalit Women Ward member and two open Ward members. 

This election is about electing people either from political parties or independent for a local government. Which is directly related to the local level works inside the Village, Municipality and Ward. So, people should be more focused on the candidate for that position. Do not hesitate to ponder on the person's capability to lead the local level issues including development. But he/ she need not be tested with previous experience in any bigger position. His character and social friendliness behavior is also equally important.

Try to mix up for the people in different parties for different position with that capability. Do not follow blindly for any other thoughts and belief. Look for the education qualification in the person, prefer ones with higher than bachelor studies.

I do not mean, not to evaluate the candidates political agenda as it is also relevant. You do not want to stamp the position from a party whose ideology is completely different from you. They will certainly use that vote counts to show their popularity, which you will regret later.
Rule of law, democracy, development issue, transparency are mostly present in the party's manifesto but are they following what they preach?. That is another issue to look for while voting for the position blindly, sans the candidate.
During the election, you must be aware of all the propaganda's that some cheap cadres or leaders will be spreading for their benefits. Do not follow them and the rumors. Do vote with your inner belief for the person / parties, freely without any bias. As a matter of fact, you should reject the propagandists.
I am sure you might be having your family member, relative, neighbors as a candidate for this local level election of same or different ideology. But you have to do some judgement in another way here. If you feel he/ she won't do anything bad in comparison to other candidates, then you are going the right direction. Sometimes negative judgement also puts you in safe position.

There are people apathy to all these election developments and say there is no point in voting, citing the incompetent leaders in the power for long duration. I say it is the right time to show your anger, frustration in all these years by voting. Remember all the mishaps that might have hit you in all those years. Change does not mean selecting blindly. Select the right one, vote wisely. Don't be indifferent to all the election development. Participate actively. So that you won't regret later.

Even if its too late to reach out to many, I wrote this in a rush. Do not forget to share for spreading the right. Thank you.
Here is an official video from Election commission regarding the right method of Ballot paper.


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