Jun 11, 2017

How to vote for favorite singer in Nepal Idol? My favorite Nepal Idols

As the theater round of Nepal Idol results in Top 18 best singer, the organizer have started to ask people for their favorite singer. They have posted a Facebook status with the performance videos and the code of the contestants. They have asked people to vote for their favorite artists after the top 18 was announced last week. Actually it was supposed to be top 16 but judges added 2 much loved contestants, as it was not fare to miss them.

Here is the list of the singer in Top 18 with their respective codes. 

1. Afsar Ali: Code 01
2. Bidhya Tiwari: Code 02
3. Buddha Lama: Code 03
4. Kengal Mehar Shrestha: Code 04
5. Manoj thapa Magar: Code 05
6. Menuka Paudel: Code 06
7. Nishan Bhattarai: Code 07
8. Pragya Shree BK: Code 08
9. Pramila Rai: Code 09
10. Pratap Das: Code 10
11. Pratap Lama: Code 11
12. Rahul Bishwas: Code 12
13. Sagar Ale: Code 13
14. Sandhya Joshi: Code 14
15. Sujata Pandey: Code 15
16. Suraj Tamang: Code 16
17. Suraj Thapa: Code 17
18. Ulson Shrestha: Code 18

Before they have only provided the codes and their solo video of singing performance in the last round. Now they tell the exact procedure to make the voting for their favorite contestants in Nepal Idol. Though all of them are equally well, some of them have been quite noticed from the first day. Taking about my Top 10 favorites, they are Buddha Lama, Afsar Ali, Nishan Bhattarai, Kengal Mehar Shrestha, Menuka Paudel, Sandhya Joshi, Rahul Bishwas, Suraj Thapa, Suraj Tamang. I hope they make it to the Top 10 in the next round.

How to vote in Nepal Idol?

As speculated the voting of Nepal Idol is from SMS. To participate in the voting of Nepal Idol for People inside the country,
  • you need to send a message with Code number to 35225.
For international voters of Nepal Idol, 
  • you need to Nepal Idol official app. Click here to download the android app.
Here is the video of the last theater round, Episode 11 with the solo performance. 

I have been following Nepal Idol from the very first audition round. There were thousands of participants from different cities among which hundreds were taken to the next round in Kathmandu. There has been many trolls and kanda including Potential Kanda of Ms. Indira Joshi, and the style of Sir. Nhyoo Bajracharya and famed Kali Prasad Banskota. But listening to all these artists, I must say they have brought nice artists and done justice to the hard work despite the TRP ratings stuffs.


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